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Wrightsville Beach Brewery: Customer Success Story

Feb 08, 2023
Wrightsville Beach Brewery: Customer Success Story

Wrightsville Beach Brewery now has a unified platform where each application is interconnected, helping lower their COGs and increase margins!


The Challenges

#1. Sales and inventory are not connected

#2. Tired of having manual processes

#3. Trying to calculate their COGs has become difficult, doesn't believe they're getting the best margins

The Solutions

#1- All applications are under one platform in Ohanafy. Sales speak to inventory as well as production, and everything is connected

Connecting supply and demand is critical. The ability to seamlessly share information between inventory, production, and sales gives you the power and data you need to make more efficient decisions. Wrightsville Beach Brewery team can increase efficiency, reduce manual errors, and improve collaboration. Now, with all their business operations under one roof, the team can sell more and have accurate inventory numbers. 

#2- Now has driven sales processes that are configured and monitored by Ohanafy 

The perks of the platform, with Ohanafy, Wrightsville Beach Brewery can streamline and optimize its entire sales process. Because every sales team is different, the Wrightsville Beach Brewery team was able to configure their sales processes according to specific needs and requirements. This allowed them to tailor their sales processes to match their unique operations, making the sales process more efficient and effective. Ohanafy also provides monitoring capabilities, allowing businesses to keep track of their sales processes and identify any areas for improvement. The team can quickly identify bottlenecks, resolve issues, and optimize their sales processes. With Ohanafy's driven sales processes, Wrightsville Beach Brewery improved its sales performance, increased productivity, and drove more revenue.

#3- Having specific reports dedicated to tracking COGS

Ohanafy helps businesses manage their costs by providing specific reports dedicated to tracking COGS (Cost of Goods Sold). This is an essential metric for businesses as it helps determine the cost of producing and selling a product or service. With Ohanafy, Wrightsville Beach Brewery can keep track of the expenses associated with producing and selling their products or services, including direct costs such as raw materials and labor and indirect costs such as overhead. This information can be used to make informed pricing, production, and inventory management decisions. Now having a clear understanding of COGS, down to the penny, they identify areas for cost savings and improve their bottom line.


As a brewery operator, I've been impressed to see how genuine the Ohanafy team has been in receiving our feedback. Our industry can be a bit old-fashioned and slow to change so it's great to be hands-on in developing a technology that will aid us in being successful. Jud Watkins, Owner of Wrightsville Beach Brewery

About Wrightsville Beach Brewery:

Wrightsville Beach Brewery is committed to being a different kind of brewery, both in the beers we make and the impact we have in our community. Our mission is to educate our customers about good environmental stewardship and contribute to the sustainability of local charities while also making tremendous beers. Making beer and giving back to the community have equal standing with us. One does not trump the other.  






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