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Payment Processing

Ohanafy equips businesses with tools to streamline payment management, monitor disputes, and securely authorize access, simplifying payment processing operations while enhancing security.

See How Ohanafy’s Integrated Payments Solution Saves Money and Time

Equip your team with tools to manage payment activities, revise payment methods, automate invoicing, and monitor disputes - all from a secure platform. Enhance efficiency, improve accuracy, and ensure compliance with Ohanafy’s comprehensive payment processing solutions.


Integrate with Financial Tools
Sync payment data, collection, and insights with existing financial tools using Ohanafy’s robust integration capabilities.
Payment Method Management
Easily manage payment methods to enhance team efficiency and streamline financial transactions.
Payment Collection Automation
Optimize cash flow management with automated invoicing to ensure timely payments, saving time and reducing administrative burdens.
Failed Payment Notification
Receive real-time alerts for failed payments, enabling swift resolution of payment disputes, ensuring uninterrupted financial operations, and efficient cash flow management.
Granular User Permissions Management
Safeguard confidential financial information by configuring unique permissions for users to control what they can access so you can confidently manage compliance and confidentiality.
Advanced Protection of Sensitive Information
Built with advanced security measures to reliably protect payment information, ensuring your team’s confidence and peace of mind.

Accounts Receivable Teams

As an Accounts Receivable team member, handling the invoicing and payment processes is time-consuming. Ohanafy empowers suppliers, customers, and third parties to manage payments on their own time from a secure mobile portal. You can automate invoicing, monitor payment disputes, receive reminders and alerts, and more.
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Distributor Hub

If you like Ohanafy payment features, you may enjoy our Distributor Hub. A fully interconnected portal experience that empowers distributors with advanced tools and insights to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

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