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Your inventory in real-time, so you never miss a beat

Market and sell based on real-time inventory updates and receive alerts that will help you forecast for the future.
The Ohanafy Inventory application takes the guesswork out of stock control. Monitor and optimize your inventory with complete transparency in real-time. Say goodbye to spreadsheets with the help of Ohanafy’s inventory logs and receipts, purchase history, and real-time alerts.


Inventory Alerts
Receive real-time alerts and see exactly what you need before it's too late.
360-degree Inventory Management
Track your supply and demand in a single system for ultimate transparency.
Inventory Purchase History
Understand purchase history with suppliers and easily track and measure when items are received.
Inventory Logs and Receipts
Out-of-date inventory numbers have been a thing of the past with Ohanafy’s real-time inventory logs and auto-generated inventory receipts.

Operations Manager

As an Operations Manager, keeping track of inventory levels can be a cumbersome process. However, imagine having access to a solution that simplifies this process for you. With Ohanafy’s Inventory application, say goodbye to the era of spreadsheets. Instead, you can now effortlessly oversee inventory using logs, receipts, and purchase history for a complete 360-degree inventory management.
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Elevate supply chain management by seamlessly integrating our Production application with your existing Ohanafy Inventory solution. This strategic combination lets you synchronize inventory levels with product demand, ensuring a harmonious balance. Experience the advantages of real-time visibility, empowering you to proactively respond to fluctuations in demand and prevent stockouts or excess inventory. Optimize your resource allocation with greater precision, maximizing operational efficiency.

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