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Supercharge your sales with Ohanafy

Check in on available inventory, new wholesale accounts, and current customers.
Empower your sales team with the insights and tools they need to be the brand ambassadors your products deserve with business processes, relationship management, and step-by-step guidance to drive your selling success.


Payment Processing
Simplify merchant onboarding, payment method addition, and payment processes. Gain access to automated invoicing, reminders, receipts, and seamless deposit transfers.
Sales Analytics
Real-time analytics for sales success, including Sales Rep performance and seasonal demand trends.
Sales Discovery
Science-back sales forecasting for better deals.
Sales Automation
Automate delivery routes and invoice generation for streamlined processes.
Dynamic Document Generation
Generate documents at the click of a button and use custom templates anywhere in the system.

Sales Manager

As a Sales Manager, utilizing Ohanafy’s Sales application allows you and your team to manage prospects efficiently, understand customer relationships, email or print invoices, and more. Close more deals with Ohanafy’s automation and real-time alerts to help you stay on top of accounts to ensure a deal is never missed or overlooked.
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If you value the intuitive features of Ohanafy’s Sales app, our Inventory solution takes your business management to the next level. Built on the secure and mobile-friendly Salesforce platform, it ensures seamless integration and provides advanced tools for inventory control, order management, and real-time analytics. With our comprehensive inventory application, you can maximize operational efficiency, minimize errors, and stay ahead in the dynamic business landscape.

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