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Ohanafy for Importers

Transform your beverage importer operations with Ohanafy's Salesforce-built platform, integrating predictive analytics and AI to streamline processes. Overcoming challenges like limited sales insights and outdated technology, Ohanafy ensures efficient product movement for business growth.

Built for Beverage Importers

Ohanafy revolutionizes beverage importing on a national scale by harnessing the power of Salesforce, the world's leading CRM and platform. Our purpose-built platform incorporates predictive analytics and AI to streamline the process of moving products from point A to B. Ohanafy addresses prevalent challenges importers face, like limited sales insights, outdated technology, poor tracking capabilities, and a lack of goal or expense management tools. With Ohanafy, importers can move products with greater efficiency and foster business growth.


Payment Processing
Simplify merchant onboarding, payment method addition, and payment processes. Gain access to automated invoicing, reminders, receipts, and seamless deposit transfers.
Track orders, placements, goals, shipments, and fees to inform better decisions that drive profitability.
Understand where your products are and how much you have in stock to maximize warehouse and shipment efficiency.
Reports and Analytics
Track margins, quotas attainment, team activity, and goals at your desired frequency using AI-powered analytics and easy-to-read dashboards.
Order Hub
Effortlessly place orders with suppliers and offer secure access to external parties to facilitate collaboration.
Identify revenue-driving events, track budgets, monitor expected costs, and centralize contact information.


Quickly move items from point A to point B.
Predict out of stocks and leverage accurate forecasting with the world’s best analytic engine.
Track performance against revenue and case goals at your desired frequency.
Optimize shipments through real-time inventory tracking.
Provide a seamless Order Hub to witness the perks of an integrated supply chain.

Chief Finance Officer

As a CFO, you may want better insight into your margins by brand, customer, and region to ensure the business is maintaining profitability. Using Ohanafy, you will gain access to automated workflows that help you track performance, orders, and goals to determine if you are making a profit. Decide how and when you want to track and Ohanafy can automate your tracking for you.

Discover how our platform enhances importer operations by scheduling a demo today.