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Your greatest asset is your people

Nurture your team, manage time off, and gather valuable feedback to foster employee engagement and retention.

See How You Can Enable Your Employees with the Most Powerful Tool on the Market

See how Ohanafy enhances employee engagement, growth, and retention with tools for managing employee time off, goals, and applicants. Utilize our unified system to streamline and support the people driving your business growth.


Employee Insights
Streamlined employee insights with secure permissions for business-critical access.
Employee Time-Off
Manage PTO efficiently to retain valuable employees.
Applicant Management
Fulfill your hiring needs with efficient candidate tracking and interview dashboards to track candidacy.
Employee Feedback
Effortlessly set, manage, and track employee goals with a shared dashboard.

Business Owner

As a business owner, it can be difficult to manage the new hire process on top of all your other daily activities. With Ohanafy, you can efficiently manage and nurture your employees and applicants. Track candidates and interview feedback to ensure you make the most of every potential teammate. Nurture current employees via managing PTO and collecting employee insights and feedback.
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If you appreciate the functionality of Ohanafy’s Employees app, our CRM solution goes beyond by offering a comprehensive platform to manage and enhance your relationships. Much like the Employees application, our CRM solution empowers you to seamlessly handle customer interactions, track communications, and foster lasting connections. With intuitive features and robust tools, it transforms your approach to relationship management, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience for your team and your customers.

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