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Ohanafy's Distributor Hub

A fully interconnected portal experience that empowers distributors to quickly and easily receive orders electronically and ensure all pricing, promotions, taxes, incentives, and allocations are considered.

See the Power of a Connected Experience

Discover how Ohanafy’s Distributor Hub equips internal and external stakeholders with essential tools for seamless connectivity and collaboration. Empower your team with an integrated order hub, provide tools for managing supplier and partner relationships, and offer DSD reps a dedicated portal for streamlined operations.


Customizable Portal Experience
Optimize distribution workflows with customizable portals tailored to distributors' unique needs, enhancing collaboration and operational efficiency.
Seamless B2B Connectivity
Foster seamless communication and collaboration among stakeholders through dedicated portals to facilitate smooth B2B interactions, fostering efficiency and mutual satisfaction.
Advanced Analytics
Equip your team with advanced reports and dashboards powered by AI for in-depth analysis, allowing them to derive actionable insights driving strategic decision-making and operational excellence.
Order Hub
Centralize order management in one location for seamless fulfillment across all parties, improving transparency, reducing errors, and enhancing overall satisfaction among stakeholders and customers.
Integrated Data
Leverage synchronized data from Ohanafy applications to identify new opportunities, optimize resource allocation, and make well-informed decisions that drive business growth and enable efficient business management.
Enhanced Customer Support
Deliver real-time assistance to your supply chain with a dedicated hub for resource and relationship management, feedback collection, and customer interaction analytics, fostering strong relationships and enhanced operations.

Direct-to-Store Delivery Representative

As a Direct-to-Store Delivery (DSD) Representative, you previously faced challenges connecting with distributors due to technological limitations, impacting your efficiency in managing routes and deliveries. However, the distributor you work with has now implemented Ohanafy, a cutting-edge software solution that offers real-time route management, enhanced communication, data access, and inventory management. With user access to Ohanafy, you can optimize your delivery schedules, stay updated on order statuses, manage inventory levels accurately, and maintain strong relationships with retail stores, significantly improving your overall operational efficiency and service quality.
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Customer Relationship Management

If you are interested in our Distributor Hub, you may enjoy Ohanafy’s CRM. Built with all the tools your team needs to foster and strengthen customer relationships on the go, Ohanafy allows your team to be productive anywhere, anytime.

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