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Insights that propel your business forward

The power of data-driven decision making.

Analytics and Reporting

State tax reporting

Quickly generate state-specific reports to meet varying state requirements, ensuring compliance with ease.

COGS reporting

Easily track the cost of goods sold for batches, providing insights into production.

Margin reports

Gain a comprehensive understanding of profit margins by analyzing expenses against revenue, enabling better financial decision-making.

Customizable reports

Empower users to create tailored reports that suit their specific business needs and objectives.

Quick report generation

Generate reports in minutes, eliminating the need for lengthy wait times, thanks to Salesforce integration.

Sales analytics

Dive deep into sales data, including invoices and product lines, to identify top-selling products and trends.


Compliance ease

Simplify state tax reporting, ensuring compliance with diverse state requirements.

Cost efficiency

Monitor COGS efficiently, enabling better cost control and profitability assessment.

Data visibility

Empower users to access and analyze the data they need, promoting informed decision-making.

Profit maximization

Understand margins to make informed decisions that maximize profits.


Tailor reports and dashboards to individual preferences and job roles for a more efficient workflow.

Rapid reporting

Access reports quickly, thanks to Salesforce integration, ensuring timely decision-making.

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