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Ohanafy for Distributors

Enhance your distribution operations with Ohanafy's Salesforce-built platform, addressing challenges like inventory forecasting and mobile mapping. Gain a competitive edge with this customizable platform for growth and a connected experience through enhanced integrations.

Built for Beverage Distributors

Ohanafy leverages the world's leading CRM and platform, Salesforce, with a purpose-built platform comprised of forecasting analytics and AI to streamline the distribution process. Ohanafy addresses common challenges, such as poor invoicing and map experiences on mobile, no tools for employee management, route planning inefficiencies, and lack of inventory forecasting. Distributors gain a competitive advantage by managing their business on Ohanafy, the only customizable platform designed to grow with the business and deliver a connected experience through enhanced integrations and product enhancements.


Payment Processing
Simplify merchant onboarding, payment method addition, and payment processes. Gain access to automated invoicing, reminders, receipts, and seamless deposit transfers.
Deliveries and Route Planning
Streamline delivery management for efficient and on-time shipment tracking and coordination with advanced route planning capabilities for optimizing delivery routes, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs.
Sales and Invoicing
Easily manage sales orders, track inventory, generate invoices, expand wholesale accounts and gain valuable insights into your beverage distribution operations.
Comprehensive inventory management tools for precise control over stock levels and product availability.
Robust financial management, including accounting systems and detailed reporting for compliance and cost analysis.
Warehouse Management
Optimize your warehouse operations with comprehensive inventory management tools built for precise control over stock levels and product availability.
Seamless integration with various accounting and communication tools to streamline business operations.


Save time with automated workflows and mobile access
Data analysis to understand and supercharge best sellers
Business growth and expansion support
Streamlined communication of bi-directional order management
Real-time inventory updates between supplier and distributor

Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations, it's vital to oversee the effective distribution of products to a network of retailers, guaranteeing on-time deliveries to fulfill customer needs. Directly coordinate with suppliers via the Ohanafy platform to streamline order placement, promoting accuracy and expediting order processing. Our platform generates order confirmation, minimizing the risk of ordering errors, and provides comprehensive reporting for enhanced operational insights.

See how our Distribution Hub benefits both the supplier and distributor by scheduling a demo today.