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A management platform for food, beverage, and beyond

Transforming the distribution industry through a single-platform, purposefully-built to grow revenue, decrease cost and save time.
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Ferment Nation
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Built on the world's #1 CRM, Salesforce.

As a Salesforce ISV partner, our platform stands at the forefront—delivering unmatched speed, agility, and scalability to the beverage industry.
"Certified salesforce platform"

Platform capabilities include: security, mobile accessibility, predictive analytics, dashboards, and reports, and data synchronization.

Ohanafy also easily integrates with the tools you already use like Quickbooks, Gmail,, Microsoft Outlook, iControl, Salesforce, Fintech, Slack, and VIP.



Save Time and Reduce Cost


Increase Wholesale Revenue


Improve Operational Efficiencies


Connect Supply and Demand


Make Better Business Decisions


Drive ROI with Real-time Analytics

How It Works

Built for You

Whether you are a producer or distributor, the Ohanafy team will help your business identify how our platform can suit your business needs to help increase ROI and integrate with your current tools and processes. Together we will sit down and establish the project’s objectives.

Implemented by Us

Next we will migrate your data, ensuring a seamless transition and a customized workflow tailored precisely to your business needs. With our white-glove approach, a dedicated team will work closely with you to guarantee that Ohanafy is configured for success, just as we do when we sit down to establish the project's objectives.

Partnered for Success

We’ll provide training and guidance on how to use our system to achieve optimal results. Once you are ready, we’ll activate your production environment and set you live with a Customer Success Manager who will provide you with ongoing support. Whether you need additional training or product upgrades, we are here to help with new product releases so it can grow with your business.

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Use Cases


As a distributor, it is necessary to efficiently manage operations, meet retailer demands, access account data to make informed sales decisions and most importantly, grow top-line revenue. With the only RAS built on Salesforce, Ohanafy provides distributors with a platform that seamlessly connects supply and demand across the three-tier system, customized to meet industry needs.


As a beverage producer, it is necessary to manage supply and demand efficiently across all aspects of your business. With Ohanafy you can monitor sales, streamline production, effortlessly manage finances, and track marketing ROI, all within the same integrated platform. Benefit from a 360-degree view of customers, efficient production management, real-time inventory updates, and data-driven insights to meet production demands.


As an importer, it is necessary to track your margins, shipments, fees, and goal progress to further drive profitability. With Ohanafy, you can track performance against revenue and case goals, identify which finished goods are best for the business health, and have more clarity into shipment related fees. Reap the benefits of this purpose-built platform designed to help businesses move products from A to B with more efficiency using predictive analytics and AI.

Customer testimonials

“I am confident that Ohanafy will soon be the gold standard software for breweries around the country because their customer service already is. They walked with us through every step of implementation, responded to every question we raised, and worked tirelessly to help our business thrive.”
Lasting Joy Brewery
Matt, Chief Financial Officer
Lasting Joy Brewery
“Our industry needed a tech upgrade and Ohanafy is the answer. Having access to Ohanafy’s analytics and mobility is a game changer. Seems like our business has limitless growth potential.”
Ferment Nation
Tim, Owner
Ferment Nation
“I think the thing that stands out the most with Ohanafy is the people. I’ve never been so impressed and intrigued. They want to grow their business, but their first business is to grow mine. And I think having someone else care about your business more than their own is flabbergasting.”
Ghostface Brewing
Michael, Co-Owner
Ghostface Brewing

See how Ohanafy stacks up against the competition

Our pricing model is designed to provide clarity and value at one customized rate. With us, you don’t have to worry about unexpected fees for adding new users, additional features or access to support when you need it most.
We prioritize your investment by offering a flexible, straightforward, inclusive pricing structure as your business evolves.

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