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Deliveries and Route Mapping

Optimize delivery routes, minimize travel time, and enhance overall efficiency with Ohanafy’s Salesforce-powered mapping tool.

See Ohanafy’s Robust Mapping Capabilities On-the-Go

Explore how Ohanafy’s Map application equips your team with essential tools for managing deliveries, planning optimized routes with data and custom map layers, tracking activities, sourcing new leads, and visualizing insights geographically. Enhance efficiency, streamline delivery routes, and minimize travel time for a more productive workflow.


Track Activities
Give your reps the tools they need to track activities in the field and ensure the team is always on track.
Delivery Management
Enhance overall customer satisfaction when you streamline territories for equal distribution and coverage.
Route Planning with Data
Enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline delivery management with integrated data like traffic, weather, and expiration dates.
Custom Map Layers
Create custom map layers and overlay sales, inventory, competitor data, and more.
Mobile Maps
Ohanafy's Mobile app bring you a mobile-accessible map tool backed by data centers worldwide - ensuring you never miss a stop.
Real-time Data Integration
Sync your CRM data to your maps and build an integrated approach to route mapping.
Geographic Insight Visualization
Maps give you a visual understanding of customer distribution and sales performance.
Source New Leads
Utilize external data sources within the maps dashboard to find new, qualified leads.


As a distributor, utilizing a functional map system while you are on the road is critical to achieving success on a daily basis. With Ohanafy Maps, you can build a layered approach and create an overlay of data and location-based analytics to streamline territories, ensure fair distribution, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.
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For Ohanafy’s Maps app enthusiasts, our Sales solution is a natural extension you’re bound to embrace. Beyond just connecting the dots, effortlessly manage the leads sourced from the Maps app directly within the Sales application. This integration is more than just convenience; it’s a strategic leap towards optimizing lead management, fostering a smooth transition from prospecting to conversion.

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