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The only F&B distribution management system built on Salesforce

Leveraging the world’s #1 platform, Ohanafy has taken over the food and beverage distribution industry with its customizable, secure, and user-friendly interface.

Blazing a new trail

Ohanafy is leading a significant shift in the food and beverage distribution space, and our partnership with Salesforce is at the heart of this evolution. By being built on Salesforce, a platform known for its robustness, scalability, and customization, Ohanafy makes the world’s #1 cloud platform accessible to the food and beverage industry.

When we think of the power of the Salesforce ecosystem, we think of the versatility, extensibility, collaboration opportunities, and the ability to provide businesses with a unified platform for various aspects of customer relationship management and beyond.


The Ohanafy Advantage

At Ohanafy, our people make the biggest impact. Our Product Development team leverages extensive Salesforce experience and thrives on innovation through the Agile methodology. By embracing these principles and our deep-rooted Salesforce experience, we ensure a dynamic and iterative approach to product development. This enables our team to adapt swiftly, collaborate efficiently, and deliver incremental improvements consistently, empowering us to respond to customer feedback promptly and fostering a culture of continuous innovation.
The Ohanafy Advantage

50+ Years of Salesforce Experience

Did you know? The Founders have successfully implemented the Salesforce platform in various industries, not just food and beverage. With a wealth of combined experience exceeding 50 years in Salesforce, the Ohanafy Founders have built their careers within the Salesforce ecosystem. Their mission is to extend the advantages of Salesforce to industries that can benefit the most.


Global Reach

Salesforce's global presence and data centers around the world ensure reliable and secure services for businesses operating in various regions. This global reach is crucial for multinational companies with diverse operational needs.


Ensure your team remains productive on the go with Ohanafy's mobile compatible platform, fully integrated with Salesforce for seamless business operations and efficiency.


Ohanafy leverages Salesforce configurations to create custom solutions matching your needs as your business grows.

Continuous Innovation

Salesforce consistently invests in research and development, introducing new features and updates to keep the platform at the forefront of technology. This commitment to innovation allows businesses to stay current with industry trends and advancements.


Salesforce was designed to scale with businesses of all sizes. Whether you are part of a small business or a large enterprise, organizations can leverage Salesforce's capabilities as they grow, adapting the platform to evolving requirements.


Backed by Salesforce, Ohanafy comes pre-built with top-notch security measures so you have the peace of mind that your information is protected.

World-class CRM

Ohanafy leverages unique configurations and architectures to help maximize investments into a holistic food and beverage operating system.

Ohanafy User

As an Ohanafy user, tap into the limitless potential of the world’s #1 platform, Salesforce, at your fingertips. Customize your user experience with dynamic UI, protect sensitive information with Salesfoce’s top-notch security and visibility, and utilize the embedded AI to locate relevant data and resources in no time. Visualize key metrics with predictive analytics and real-time dashboards, customize reports, and establish automated workflows. Ohanafy enhances your Salesforce experience, offering not only the core benefits but also additional features for the food and beverage industry.

Connect with us today to learn how our platform can benefit your business.