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Customer Relationship Management Anywhere, Anytime

Effortlessly nurture and strengthen customer relationships for enhanced connectivity and engagement.

See How Our World-class CRM Can Revolutionize Customer Lifecycle Management

With tools to find, nurture, and covert leads using advanced sales analytics and automation, Ohanafy equips your team with actionable insights to optimize every customer interaction. Watch our video to learn more!


Industry-specific CRM
Ohanafy’s CRM tool and the entire platform are tailored to the food and beverage industry, supplying you with the tools you need at the right time.
Built on the world's #1 CRM, Salesforce, Ohanafy offers enterprise-level CRM tools that businesses of all sizes can use.
Instant Notifications
Get notified when you haven’t visited a customer in a while or when inventory depletion happens in real-time.
Nurture Current Customer Relationships
Get a 360-degree view of your customer relationships, including purchase patterns and visit frequency.
Activity Tracking
Automatically track customer communications and delegate tasks for team members to initiate new touchpoints.
Mobile Accessible
Access and manage customer accounts from a mobile device for uninterrupted connectivity and enhanced customer engagement.
Integrated Data and System
Your data seamlessly integrates across the entire system, enabling your entire organization to live on one platform and access customer data no matter the department.
Ohanafy has numerous integration opportunities that can enhance your platform experience, allowing your CRM to grow with you.

Sales Representative

As a Sales Representative, leveraging Ohanafy can help you understand your customer relationships across orders, invoices, deliveries, activities, contacts, and more in a single view. The automation and real-time alerts powered by Ohanafy allow you to manage your accounts effectively, enabling you to strengthen customer relationships.
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If you appreciate the features of Ohanafy’s CRM app, you’ll be intrigued by the added benefits our Sales solution brings. Built on the secure and mobile Salesforce platform, our Sales application seamlessly integrates with the CRM, creating a dynamic synergy. Together these applications streamline workflows, foster collaboration, and provide real-time updates, building a holistic perspective of your customers and prospects. Our apps go beyond convenience, offering a strategic approach to elevate your business’s customer relationship management, facilitating sustained growth and success.

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