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We do the heavy lifting for you

In our dedication to your success, we offer support for data import, training and personalized 1-to-1 assistance well beyond the go-live phase.

How It Works

STEP 1: Let's get started quickly! Before the kickoff, it's essential to get to know each other.

During this stage, your Ohanafy Team will:

  • Introduce ourselves and review the implementation process
  • Identify attendees for the kickoff call
  • Share implementation workbook
  • Schedule the kickoff call

Importance of this Phase:

  • Ensures everyone has a clear understanding of what’s ahead
  • Ensures a more productive and efficient project kickoff call, where key stakeholders and team members can focus on discussing essential project details and making important decisions
STEP 2: Kickoff Call

Let's get things kicked off! This is where stakeholders gather to set the project's objectives, roles, and timelines. It serves as a platform to align everyone's expectations and launch the implementation process with a clear direction.

During this stage, your Ohanafy Team will:

  • Establish a common understanding of the project scope, goals, and objectives
  • Identify and assign roles and responsibilities for team members
  • Review project plan, timeline, and deliverables
  • Build a sense of teamwork and collaboration among team members
  • Establish a clear communication plan for the project

Importance of this Phase:

  • Align all stakeholders and team members on the project's goals, timeline, and expectations, and ensure everyone understands their role in the project

STEP 3: Build & Review

At this point, we begin gathering requirements and initializing the data migration process. We will work closely with your team to review the requirements to ensure your Ohanafy environment is configured correctly.

During this stage, your Ohanafy Team will:

  • Identify and gather essential business requirements
  • Review requirements with the client and receive signoff
  • Review source system for data that will be migrated
  • Verify that the data is properly formatted and receive signoff
  • Configure Ohanafy to ensure it meets the needs of your business

Importance of this Phase:

  • Ensures that all data is accurately transferred, preserving its integrity and giving users access to their most important asset
  • Ensure Ohanafy is set and configured correctly to ensure that your business is optimized for success

STEP 4: Training

We’ll train your team on our product and best practices!

During this stage, your Ohanafy Team will:

  • Provide an overview of the product features and capabilities
  • Demonstrate how to navigate the system efficiently and effectively
  • Provide guidance on best practices for using the system to achieve optimal results
  • Provide resources and support to users to help them continue learning and developing their knowledge of the platform
  • Encourage user feedback and incorporate suggestions for improvement

Importance of this Phase:

  • Ensures that end-users are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively use the system, which is essential for their success on our platform and for improving user satisfaction

STEP 5: Go Live

We’ll activate your production environment and ensure everything is running smoothly!

During this stage, your Ohanafy Team will:

  • Activate users logins for production environment
  • Check-in with you during your first week

Importance of this Phase:

  • Signifies the point at which you start using Ohanafy, ensuring seamless adoption and the realization of desired business outcomes.

STEP 6: Ongoing Support & Optimization

You will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) that will continue to support you during your journey on Ohanafy!

During this stage, your Ohanafy Team will:

  • Introduce you to your dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Ensure the system is fully functional and continues to meets the needs of the business
  • CSM to establish a plan for ongoing support and maintenance
  • Conduct a post-implementation review to evaluate the success of the project

Importance of this Phase:

  • This where the journey really begins, as the CSM team continues to ensure your Ohanafy experience evolves and grows as you do.
  • Whether you need additional training, configuration updates, system maintenance, upgrades, and more, we stay with you every step of the way.

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