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Automate Your Document Generation

Create document templates based on any data point, generate documents in bulk, and access across the entire platform.


Document generation has become a commonly requested feature for its time-saving significance and unique benefits, such as tailored templates and a bulk document generator, accessible across the entire Ohanafy platform. We take things a step further by providing this as a fully dynamic application, uniquely built on Salesforce, that gives you the flexibility and configurability to generate documents based on any data point across our applications. Whether you aim to create invoices, purchase orders, pick sheets, inventory logs, TTB reports, or other custom documents, Ohanafy streamlines the process, allowing you to save time with a simple click. Request it where you need it most, and let us tailor your documents to you.


Invoice Builder

Ohanafy's Document Generation takes your invoice templates and builds invoices for you with a click of a button.

Compatible Across Diverse Applications

Accessible across the entire platform, Ohanafy’s Document Generation allows you to build documents where it makes the most sense for your business.

Generate in Bulk

Save time and effort with Ohanafy’s Document Generation tool, which lets you view and generate documents in bulk with a single click.

Activity Generation

Capture real-time customer interactions across various channels through automatic activity reports.


Come to us with your vision, and we will create any template or file you need based on any data point and let you choose where document generation lives in your system.



As the Owner of your business, you recognize the need for a solution that produces documents quickly and efficiently to streamline your team’s workflow. Ohanafy empowers your team to create documents effortlessly tailored to various data points. Start with building a template, and then use that to generate documents with a simple click of a button moving forward. Whether you need templates for invoicing, pick sheets, or TTB docs, Ohanafy provides a dynamic and adaptable solution, granting you complete control and time savings in your daily operations.

Learn more about Ohanafy's platform capabilities by talking to a team member.