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Ohanafy for Beverage Companies

Ohanafy enables beverage companies to seize new sales opportunities, enhance operational efficiency, and accelerate growth with its robust solution. Our platform features tools to nurture customer relationships, advanced analytics for trend forecasting, inventory monitoring, and distribution management.

Built for Beverage Companies

Equipping beverage companies with a tailored approach on Salesforce, the world's #1 CRM and Sales platform, Ohanafy meticulously implements specialized tools to maximize efficiency and drive growth in the food and beverage industry. Our platform addresses critical challenges such as limited data tracking and reporting capabilities, lack of customer support and mobile accessibility, and outdated technology, enabling beverage companies to merge supply and demand while enhancing efficiency and operations.


Utilize Ohanafy’s automated, AI-driven CRM to establish, nurture, and convert leads effectively while managing customer relationships.
Monitor inventory, expand distribution operations, and nurture customer relationships.
Optimize distribution operations with real-time updates and predictive alerts.
Distributor Hub
Stay connected via a portal experience that empowers beverage businesses to quickly and easily receive orders electronically and ensure all pricing, promotions, taxes, incentives, and allocations are considered.
Payment Processing
Simplify merchant onboarding, payment method addition, and payment processes. Gain access to automated invoicing, reminders, receipts, and seamless deposit transfers.
Support your team with tools for employee feedback, paid time-off management, and more.


Gain a holistic 360-degree view of customer interactions to enhance personalized service and satisfaction.
Track supply and demand in a single system with real-time inventory updates and analytics.
Maximize ROI and streamline event management processes to drive revenue growth.
Connect with industry leaders by integrating with your favorite tools.
Forecast demand with AI’s accurate predictions, enabling your team to anticipate market trends and customer needs.

VP of Sales

As a Vice President of Sales, maintaining organization within your team is essential to their success. With Ohanafy, you can empower your team with customizable dashboards to monitor quotas, efficiently manage tasks, and stay updated on inventory levels, ensuring they are always well informed to make the right decisions. Discover new opportunities and optimize routes with Ohanafy Maps, enhancing your prospecting efforts. Effortlessly maintain customer relationships by tracking their last order date, visit, or point of contact. Ohanafy equips your team with the essential tools they need to excel in their roles, driving productivity and revenue growth.

Connect with us today to learn how our platform can benefit your business.