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29+ ideas to drive revenue at your brewery

Jan 25, 2023
• 5 min read
29+ ideas to drive revenue at your brewery

The past couple of years have made most of us really miss the ability to get together with our friends. If the pandemic taught us anything, we hope it is that WE (humans) are better together!

In our quest to see your continued success, we asked our friends and family what events would bring them into your facility. We believe that traffic into the facility drives your brand and helps introduce your products to consumers you might not reach otherwise. 

Obviously the key to any successful growth strategy is measuring the results. You should be able to attribute your revenue (and expenses) to the actual marketing events so that you can measure your Return on the Investment of every event. You’ll learn really quickly once you start measuring this just how much revenue each of these types of events brings to the facility. Where you see growth and positive ROI, you do more. If the event doesn’t hit in your area, you try other types. 

Here’s a list of events that our friends have said would attract them to your facility: 

  • Book club meetings; Book readings
  • Scout meetings and parties
  • Club holiday socials
  • Oyster roasts (partnering with a nonprofit)
  • Fish fries (partnering with a nonprofit)
  • Pancake breakfasts (partnering with a nonprofit)
  • Yoga classes
  • Running club meet-ups
  • Cycling clubs
  • Other non-profit meetings
  • Parent groups (you need a fluffy (really clean) rug and poofs!)
  • Holiday markets with vendors
  • GALAS (everyone loves to dress up)
  • Partnering with a gym to do an open house/get to know your gym-mates
  • Arts and Crafts: Make a holiday decoration, Decorate a beer stein
  • Game night, Trivia Night
  • Karaoke, Open Mic Night
  • Movie nights on projector (holiday movies, seasonal movies)
  • Happy hour invites to local businesses (thru Chamber of Commerce or similar organization
  • New product release tastings
  • Sports game nights (All sports!)
  • Fantasy sports draft nights (All sports!)
  • Themed holiday parties for each holiday (Valentines Day, St. Pattys Day, National Beer Day, 4th of July, etc.)
  • Any competitive tournament: Cornhole, Horseshoes, Canjam, Darts, Pool, Volleyball, Wiffle Ball
  • Host family holiday pictures partnering with a local photographer
  • Costume Night
  • Live Music
  • Arcade Game Night
  • “Dress up your pet” costume shows with prize

At events, have photo booth props, a frame with your logos, and a “call to action” asking guests to post and tag your spot for additional social media exposure. Always have non-alcoholic beverages available for SALE. Juice mixes with soda water are amazingly refreshing for designated drivers. 

MEASURE the results; revenue and expenses, and look for ways to drive more cheeks into your facility seats! 

What’s your favorite event?

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