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Customer Relationship Management for Distributors

Enhance customer relationships across your distribution network.

Empower Customer Success with Seamless Account Management

Create and manage accounts to keep track of customer interactions, manage leads, and maintain detailed profiles of your customers.

Anticipate Needs with Precision Using Advanced Forecasting

Schedule and plan relationship-building activities like phone calls or in-person customer visits to foster customer loyalty. Analyze historical sales data, market trends, and other relevant factors to forecast future demand for their products.

Elevate Customer Experiences with Comprehensive Lifecycle Management

Keep track of your customer purchase history, order frequency, and order value throughout the customer lifecycle. Maintain strong customer connections through their lifecycle stages to ensure you turn prospects into loyal, happy customers.

Streamline Engagement with Customers and Enhance Satisfaction

Automatically monitor customer interactions, including emails and events, while empowering team members to efficiently initiate new touchpoints through delegated tasks.

Drive Business Growth with Strategic Goal Management

Enable your team with the tools to accomplish their goals. Define KPIs to track and measure employee performance against common KPIs, including sales revenue, sales volume, profit margins, customer acquisition, customer retention, and average order value.

Additional Features

Email Integration
Task Management
Activity Tracking
Account statements
Pipeline/lifecyle Reports
Opportunity Management
Campaign Management
Dynamic Forms

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