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Unlocking Business Insights with Ohanafy’s Reporting and Dashboards

Apr 15, 2024
Unlocking Business Insights with Ohanafy’s Reporting and Dashboards

Here at Ohanafy, we’re committed to empowering beverage businesses with the tools they need to succeed. Leveraging the world’s leading software, Salesforce, our solution offers a unique and intuitive interface that can be configured to your needs. As an Ohanafy customer, you can tap into the power of your data and gain valuable insights into your sales and inventory metrics. In this blog, we will dive into why reports are essential and how using Ohanafy will give you a competitive advantage.

Why are Reports and Dashboards Important?

Reports and Dashboards provide users with a visual representation of their data, making complex information easier to grasp and analyze. Whether data is numeric or visual, Ohanafy's dynamic options, such as graphs and dashboards, can provide insights into various aspects of business operations. Using this data, you can make informed decisions for ultimate success. 

No matter what side of the three-tiered beverage supply chain your business is on, you may have a love-hate relationship with data. You understand and appreciate the value of data, but compiling and analyzing it can be a time-consuming endeavor. Outdated spreadsheets and subpar software functionality often fall short, leaving you needing a better solution. 

The Ohanafy Advantage

Ohanafy comes with pre-built report templates, making it easy to get the data you need. Whether you just want to use one of many pre-built templates or want a report configured to your needs, we’ve got you covered. Our customers particularly appreciate reports like State Excise Reports, Total Revenue, and Sales by Sales Representatives for their ability to streamline data analysis and automate manual processes. 

Exploring Key Reports

  1. State Excise Taxes

Every state has its own requirements and reports. Our reports can be configured to your state’s needs; whether it’s how many barrels were sold that month or how many bbls you have on hand, we can easily convert barrels to gallons. At Ohanafy, our customers love how accessible and easy taxes have been since using our platform. “Whether we are keeping track of what we have on hand or working with TTB reporting or excise tax, having everything right in front of your face and easily accessible has been a game changer,” said Chazz Oesch, Owner of Mythic Brewing.

  1. Total Revenue

Revenue reporting is essential for assessing business performance, and Ohanafy customers enjoy this report type's flexibility. Whether you need insights on weekly, monthly, or quarterly revenue performance, our platform can be configured to show these metrics with the help of your Customer Success Manager.

  1. Sales by Sales Representatives

To generate revenue, your Sales Representatives must meet their goals. Using Ohanafy, your Sales Representatives can significantly benefit from visual cues to indicate their performance and metrics. With Ohanafy they will be able to use custom dashboards to see if they are on track to meeting their sales goals. 

Whether you're a producer, distributor, or importer, you know the value that comes with easy access to data and statistics, but you also know how time-consuming it can be to pull together all the information you need into a single report yet without those key metrics you're left operating in the dark, unable to recognize how the actions you take into one area of your business can affect your whole operation.

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