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Enhancing Transparency and Efficiency with Ohanafy’s Lot Tracking Feature

Mar 08, 2024
Enhancing Transparency and Efficiency with Ohanafy’s Lot Tracking Feature

Within the three-tier supply chain, tracking products along each point in the chain is integral to success. In the industry, we call this lot tracking. Let's explore how Ohanafy is revolutionizing the beverage production landscape by offering a seamless and efficient lot-tracking solution.

Understanding Lot Tracking

Before we explore the benefits of Ohanafy’s Lot Tracking feature, it’s crucial to understand the concept itself. Lot tracking involves assigning numbers to product runs (otherwise known as lots). This number becomes your detailed roadmap, allowing you to identify the raw materials in each finished product and ensure transparency. You can think of lot tracking as a way to simplify the tracking process should problems arise, allowing you to provide swift response times in recall situations.

Benefits of Ohanafy Lot Tracking

Ohanafy offers users a range of benefits, including the ability to:

  • Trace the origin of raw materials from inventory receipt.
  • Effortlessly identify and address issues like expired ingredients to minimize consumer impact.
  • Follow raw materials through production, pinpointing materials used per batch.
  • Track customers who purchased finished products in a specific lot.

Traceability in the Beverage Supply Chain

Tracing finished goods is crucial in maintaining consumer safety and brand reputation in the beverage supply chain. Beverage suppliers and producers are at the forefront of this endeavor and can achieve success by following raw materials from acquisition to production to distribution. Once distributors or importers pick up the finished goods, these parties must be able to track their lots in case of product recalls. 

Real-World Application

Let’s take a look at a real-world example. Say you are a brewer whose lime puree you used for a recent batch had the wrong expiration date stamped on it and was overdue. Using Ohanafy, you can pinpoint batches that used your expired raw materials. Then, you can trace what customers have received products from those lots. With this level of insight, you can inform customers promptly and minimize the impact on consumer safety, ultimately maintaining your brand's reputation. 

Ohanafy caters to beverage companies of diverse scales, accommodating those tracking singular items and overseeing entire inventories. The software supports various tracking styles, allowing companies to choose between lot-tracking and non-lot-tracking items. The automatic generation of lot numbers for each operation ensures efficiency and precision, making Ohanafy indispensable for tasks ranging from harvesting raw materials to seamlessly integrating traceability across the entire supply chain.

Whether you’re an existing Ohanafy user or are considering adding the platform to your operations, our Lot Tracking feature stands ready to elevate your business. Current Ohanafy customers can contact their dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) for more information. If you’re not yet part of the ohana, we invite you to connect and explore how our solutions can contribute to your business's success and efficiency.

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