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Goose & the Monkey Brew House chose Ohanafy because…

Apr 14, 2023
Goose & the Monkey Brew House chose Ohanafy because…

Goose and the Monkey Brew House chose Ohanafy because…

We love developing customer relationships, so we visited Goose & the Monkey four months after they went live with Ohanafy to see their implementation and learn more about their success with our platform.

We started off our visit by meeting co-owner Ashlee Moore. Ashlee was so excited to meet us and show us around the Brewhouse. Once settled in, Ashlee shared her backstory about her business and how Ohanafy came to save the day. 

This blog will explore how Goose & the Monkey operated before Ohanafy, why they chose to work with us, and how Ohanafy has helped them manage their business.

Once we settled in, Ashlee shared that her goals were to serve the Lexington, NC, community and to be a hotspot for locals. However, with an opening during the height of the pandemic, they had to fight hard to survive. During that time, they noticed the importance of having an overview of the health of their business so that they could identify areas of success and improvement. 

After searching for new software providers, they landed on Ohanafy. Ashlee said, “The first thing that we loved (about Ohanafy) was that it was North Carolina based. Then we met and talked with your team and loved it even more. We wanted to be in on something that was started from the ground up, and because somebody took a chance on us and we wanted to take a chance on somebody else.” 

This reflection that Ashlee shared highlighted the heart and the community of the industry we all love. We firmly believe that at its core, craft beverage management software should provide craft beverage producers with the tools they need to create a community. 

“The decision to go with Ohanafy was very simple. After we saw the software, we knew we wanted to switch because it was user-friendly,” said Ashlee, and “what stands out the most about Ohanafy is that we are both small companies on the verge of being big companies.” Hearing Ashlee’s story meant so much and lit a fire under us as we are a small business and a startup looking for opportunities to revolutionize the craft beverage industry with our business management software for craft beverage producers.

Coming from various software that could have been more user-friendly and scalable with their business growth, Ohanafy quickly became a powerful tool for the Goose & the Monkey team.

With Ohanafy, Goose & the Monkey Brewhouse is able to:

  1. Save time

Ohanafy is easy to use, saving users time and money while managing their business. Ashlee spent countless hours looking for what she needed in her old software. There are only so many hours in the day, and having a solution in place to give you time back is so important. 

  1. Track costs

Eric said he can now get granular with data. “Seeing what’s coming out of our taps, how much that costs, and if that changes over time is the biggest thing for us. When we went through COVID, and prices started rising, we could see, but we couldn’t track.” 

“There’s no limit to what you can do with it. I like the visuals, the dashboard setups, the reports, and the way you can customize everything,” said Eric. 

  1. Have a lifeline 

Ohanafy provides lifetime customer support for the times our customers need it most. We were curious to learn more about a specific time when our Customer Success team wowed Ashlee, so we asked her to provide an example. Ashlee immediately answered, “There was a time when excise tax was due immediately that day, and there was an issue with the reports, so I called my Customer Service Manager, and she immediately fixed the problem.” 

Now that you’ve learned more about Goose & the Monkey’s journey to Ohanafy, schedule a demo today to learn how Ohanafy will revolutionize your business.

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