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Ghostface Chose Ohanafy Because…

Apr 11, 2023
Ghostface Chose Ohanafy Because…

Ghostface Brewing is a unique craft brewery with three locations based in Mooresville, North Carolina. But Ghostface Brewing doesn’t have your average taproom; they go above and beyond with a pizzeria, Beer Lab, and Scratch Kitchen. With nearly seven years in business, Co-Owners Michael and Suzy Cuddy have tried time and time again to find the best business management solution for them.

Michael and Suzy are on a mission larger than themselves and need a software company to partner with that would do the same. When asked what keeps him motivated daily to keep doing what he does, Michael mentioned he would like to “create something that people will always remember because I think my business is creating an experience.” On the other hand, the community in Mooresville and the larger craft beverage industry is Suzy’s driver. 

Learn more about why Michael and Suzy at Ghostface Brewing chose Ohanafy as its brewery management software. But first, we must go back in time to understand the why behind it all.


Michael was frustrated with his previous software provider. One day, he was browsing the Brewers Guild Facebook page and saw Ohanafy. After digging and researching, set up a demo to learn more. Like many brewery owners, he was hesitant to switch due to the fear of losing historical data. But after a conversation with the Ohanafy team, he discovered that he wouldn’t lose that data, and the implementation process is extremely hands-off.

Michael said it was easy at the implementation stage. “We were hand-fed everything, what to do, how to do it, every step of the way. We had someone helping us input information.” Michael had access to a human for support, his own Customer Success Manager dedicated to helping him succeed.

Shortly after going live on Ohanafy, Michael felt confident in his decision.“The platform is straightforward. A lot of it is self-explanatory, and everything is right there on the home screen,” said Michael. “You can go from one app to the next and get everything done, and they all work together. They all communicate with each other.” With easy-to-use software, business management has been more accessible than ever for Michael and his team.


The Ohanfay team visited Ghostface Brewing to check in on their progress. We asked Michael about what had impressed him so far. He replied, “The people are so impressed and intrigued. They want to grow their business, but their first business is to help us succeed."

Michael explained that Ohanafy's platform is years ahead of other craft beverage management platforms. Specifically, he praised the platform's sales, invoicing, and record-keeping capabilities, which he found well worth the investment. He also appreciated Ohanafy continuously releasing new features that help his business grow.

Overall, Ghostface Brewing has found Ohanafy to be an excellent choice for streamlining operations, improving business insights, and reducing the time and effort required to manage the business. The platform is user-friendly, customizable, and has features tailored to craft beverage producers, making it an ideal solution for any brewery looking to expand.

Other craft breweries, like Ghostface Brewing, have also experienced the partnership mentality when working with Ohanafy.

Schedule a demo today to see why they're switching.

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