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End of Days Distillery: Customer Story

Feb 05, 2023
End of Days Distillery: Customer Story

End of Days Distillery combined its entire business process into one solution.


1. Disorganization due to multiple software 

Before Ohanafy, End of Days Distillery needed help organizing the chaos that inevitably came with using multiple platforms to run their business. Between using Excel spreadsheets, Google Drive, and antiquated Distillery management software. With all these moving pieces, they decided to purchase Salesforce and work with a consulting company to build their own solution.

Shane and his team didn't know it then, but they were about to go down a long and costly road. 

2. The Rising Cost of "Good" Software

The platforms that End of Days used internally only solved one specific problem, and using multiple software started to increase costs significantly. It's one thing if prices were rising due to expensive features being embedded or added, but costs rising out of nowhere is an issue that needs to be addressed. Having transparency between your software provider and your business should be a priority.


1. Supply and Demand are finally in ONE system

Quote: I love the focus that they had. I also love the fact that we could combine our production our sales distillery management all into one and also customize it to fit the needs of our Distillery and, so they were able to listen to the needs of our Distillery, our business model, and say, okay, let's program this or let's develop this software that meets that need.

Ohanafy combines End of Days Distillery's production, sales, inventory, marketing, employees, accounting, and more into one platform.  

2. Customization and speed

Ohanafy has created an extremely customizable platform. Our product added different modules and features that fit into the needs of End of Days Distillery while still being able to manage a very easy and quick implementation process. Shane stated, "The implementation has been wonderful. We have weekly meetings and they (the Ohanafy team) have been very attentive to some of the quick changes." 

3. Partnership mentality

One of the key benefits of using Ohanafy for End of Days Distillery is the partnership mentality. As Shane stated, "Our relationship with Ohanafy is more of a partnership than it is a business to business." Having a collaborative approach has helped create trust between the two businesses and ensured Shane and his team that our solution was the perfect fit for the Distillery's operations long term. 


"They care about what we're doing. They're passionate about what we're doing. You can feel that they care about making us, the consumer or the client happy with their program. They also look long term, not just for today, but long term, as we're where we're a partnership. And I think that says it all." Shane Faulkner, Founder of End of Days Distillery

The Results

The End of Days team takes pride in having all of its data in one place, having sales connected to the number of finished goods they produce, and managing the raw materials they have coming in from its favorite suppliers. These are things that were not possible before coming to Ohanafy. The number of reports and key insights that Ohanafy accounts for was a missing component that is now vital to their business. 

Get to know End of Days Distillery:

End of Days Distillery was born from a legacy of hard work and hustle, where creating something with your own two hands meant a day well lived. Their family of premium handcrafted spirits honors their agricultural roots and the timeless values taught to them by the dreamers and doers of the world. Like every great artisan, End of Days Distillery knows there is no substitute for unwavering integrity, ultra-premium ingredients and passion for the process.






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