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5 Benefits of Ohanafy’s Demand Planning Features and Their Impact on Business Success

Jan 17, 2024
5 Benefits of Ohanafy’s Demand Planning Features and Their Impact on Business Success

Whether you’re a producer or a distributor, demand planning is essential for business success. Not only can it help you stay on top of supply and demand, but it can also help you enhance efficiency and satisfy your customers. In this blog, we will review the 5 benefits of Ohanafy’s demand planning features and their impact on business success.


Harness your history

If you’ve been following along on our story, you may have heard us say time and time again how important data is. Data is the backbone of making smart business decisions. Ohanafy’s demand planning feature utilizes historical data such as sales patterns, customer metrics, and inventory records to forecast production and demand. For example, you are newly live on Ohanafy and our team pulled in all your data from your previous software provider. Now, you are looking to forecast your demand for the busy season. Ohanafy circles back to your old data and uses that to predict what your demand will be. Get these reports straight to your inbox and never worry about running your own demand forecasting again.

Enhance your Efficiency

Now that you have harnessed your history and can see a clearer picture of your demand, you can streamline operations and further enhance your efficiency. Monitor and align procurement and logistics using Ohanafy’s demand planning feature. Like we looked at above, data is a gold mine when it comes to business and Ohanafy uses that data to anticipate your demand so that you can align production schedules and reduce your waste. 

Inventory Forecasting

Never run out of inventory or overstock again. Using Ohanafy’s demand planning feature, you can draw from recipe data and customer demand metrics to forecast inventory needs, reduce holding costs, and avoid overstocking. Say you are coming upon your busy season and are looking to see when your items are typically purchased. With Ohanafy, you can see visual dashboards of these metrics so that you can plan accordingly to reduce holding costs, avoid overstocking.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer preferences are changing all the time as new products like RTDs and non-alcoholics are being introduced into the market. Ohanafy helps you anticipate customer preferences and buying patterns, helping you identify you ensure product availability and ultimate customer satisfaction. For example, if you have a customer who typically purchases the same product every three months, Ohanafy can help you keep track of their purchasing patterns and help you identify when you need to have the product on hand to meet your customer's needs.

Production Forecasting

With Ohanafy, you can optimize resource allocation for efficient distribution of materials and employee labor based on peak demand. Ohanafy uses the historical data in your instance to forecast your predictions so you can allocate your labor and materials for ultimate success during your peak seasons. Say for example, the month of June is typically your busiest season and a time when you would need all hands on deck, Ohanafy can help you predict your sums of on-hand, ordered, and planned production products, as well as it’s inventory position, and suggested quantity. Using this information, you can plan for effective production and distribution.

If you are interested in learning more about all of Ohanafy’s features, schedule a demo with our team at

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