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Unveiling Ohanafy's Streamlined Invoice Generator

Aug 17, 2023

Here at Ohanafy, we have heard time and time again how necessary it is to have a user-friendly, mobile invoicing solution, and that is why we have built our own invoice generator. With feedback directly from our customers, Ohanafy has designed features and functionality that make generating invoices simple and fast.

Our dedicated Customer Success Manager, Mackenzie Fenn, talks with our customers daily to discover how Ohanafy features are working best for them. To get down to the details, we asked Mackenzie to give us a brief overview of Ohanafy’s invoicing capabilities;

With Ohanafy, delivery invoices automatically generate in the system and wait in a queue for users to download. Just click “generate docs” to get the hard-copy invoice and then you can send it out via email or print for your deliveries that day.

Ohanafy eliminates the need for separate invoice generation, allowing you to efficiently generate invoices in bulk and free up valuable time to dedicate to other essential facets of your business. Once invoices are generated, you have the flexibility to print or send them directly to the intended recipients via email. This versatility in invoice delivery methods ensures you have various options at your disposal.

To see how your business could harness the power of Ohanafy's invoice generation, we invite you to watch this feature highlight video here.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from your peers Mythic Brewing:

If you are unhappy with your invoicing process, reach out to an Ohanafy rep to discover more features and functionality that will help save time and improve efficiency and overall convenience. 

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