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Ohanafy for Producers

Revolutionize your beverage production operations and overcome challenges like limited data tracking and outdated technology. Ohanafy empowers producers with seamless inventory monitoring, production optimization, and efficient supply-demand connectivity.

Built for Beverage Producers

Ohanafy's platform is a comprehensive solution that enhances producer operations and is the first of its kind backed by the world's #1 platform, Salesforce. Our platform addresses numerous beverage production challenges like limited data tracking and reporting, lack of customer support, no mobile accessibility or cost comparisons, and outdated technology. With Ohanafy, beverage producers can seamlessly monitor inventory, optimize production, and connect supply and demand.


Monitor inventory, expand distribution operations, and nurture customer relationships.
Optimize marketing with real-time updates and predictive alerts.
Streamline operations faster, cost-effective manufacturing.
Effortlessly manage your beverage financing needs with the simplicity of a single click.
Boost your event revenue using advanced marketing analytics and data-driven insights.
Support your team directly within the same integrated platform that powers your business.


See a 360-degree view of your customers
Production management to keep you moving forward
Track supply and demand in a single system with real-time inventory updates and analytics
Drive ROI and keep the events flowing
Connect with industry leaders by integrating with your favorite tools

Director of Operations

As a Director of Operations, it is necessary to manage business processes to ensure the efficient supply of raw materials to meet production demands. Utilize a comprehensive solution that can track both the incoming supply of raw ingredients from the suppliers and ongoing demand within the brewery. Ohanafy's solution offers a single platform that allows a Director of Operations to track both the incoming supply of raw ingredients and the internal demand for these ingredients. Our platform provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, production schedules, and customer orders.

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