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Supplier Management

Maximize supplier relationships to ensure smooth and efficient supply chain operations.

Streamline Your Supply Chain with Advanced Inventory Control

Optimize your supply chain from procurement to distribution with Ohanafy’s advanced forecasting and demand planning tools. Achieve cost savings and operational efficiency by maintaining optimal inventory levels customized to your business requirements.

Access Product Data Swiftly with a Centralized Item Catalog

Manage all your product information in one place with Ohanafy’s item catalog. Customize attributes, leverage powerful search capabilities, and apply filters for swift navigation. Improve visibility and accessibility through organized categorization based on brand, category, and pricing tier.

Strengthen Supplier Partnerships with Actionable Data Insights

Foster stronger supplier relationships while monitoring supplier interactions and performance metrics to gain valuable insights and identify opportunities for collaboration and improvement, ensuring mutual growth and success.

Optimize Procurement Efficiency with Purchase Order Management

Improve procurement efficiency, streamline approval workflows, automate order processing, and reduce cycle times to enhance operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Enhance Inventory Accuracy and Traceability with Detailed Receipt Management

Improve inventory control with receipt management tools from Ohanafy. Track every detail in your inventory journey, from receipt to storage, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and operational transparency tailored to your business needs.

Additional Features

Mobile Purchase Orders
Goal Management
Inventory Performance
Profit Analysis
Task Management

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