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Optimize Your Field Sales Management

Empower your reps in the field with technology to manage customers, activities, orders, territories, and more.

Accelerate and Streamline Sales Cycles with Robust Order Management

Accelerate the sales cycle with advanced tools for creating, modifying, and tracking orders. Empower reps with real-time inventory visibility for informed decision-making.

Drive Personalized Engagement and Maximize Impact through Strategically Segment Customers

Efficiently organize customers by representative and account using Ohanafy’s Field Sales Application. Utilize comprehensive insights into purchase history, buying behavior, and sales potential to optimize segments, tailor strategies, and foster enduring customer loyalty.

Gain Actionable Insights Into Sales Performance for Informed Decision-making

See insights into team performance across critical metrics like sales revenue, customer acquisition, and conversion rates. Optimize sales strategies effectively across various time frames and product segments to maximize business impact.

Maximize Sales Team Productivity with Intelligent Route Planning

Boost sales team productivity with efficient route planning based on customer locations, traffic data, and scheduling constraints. Minimize travel time and enhance client engagement opportunities to increase overall sales effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Ensure Seamless Operations with Real-time Inventory Monitoring

Stay informed with seamless real-time inventory tracking tools. Equip field sales reps with mobile capabilities for instant stock availability checks, detailed product information access, and direct order placements from anywhere, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional service delivery.

Additional Features

Surveys for Team Members
Mobile Order Experience
Daily Plan
Incentives & Goal Execution Tracking
Product Catalog
Placements Reporting
Profit Analysis
Territory Management

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