It’s an amazing day

We’re ten weeks into “hands-on keyboards development” and we have passed our Salesforce Platform Security Review

December 23, 2022
It’s an amazing day

We’re ten weeks into “hands-on keyboards development” and we have passed our Salesforce Platform Security Review - this is a big deal! Ian will be mad as fire at me for saying this but our first attempt failed. We submitted over 300k characters across 15k lines of code and we failed on just 9 characters…NINE. It’s the only test I’ve ever heard of where a “grade” of 99.99 is a “fail”. I’m grateful for a platform like Salesforce that so thoroughly reviews our development efforts to ensure high quality. Our Product Development team deserves a standing ovation - I could not be more proud!

As we celebrate this AMAZING accomplishment,  I’m reminded of the things we haven’t been saying in our demos and presentations.  To the folks already signed up with us, thank you for believing in us already without knowing all of this to follow. We are extremely grateful for your trust and faith. Here is EVEN MORE to celebrate. 

  1. Our platform is literally capable of monitoring heart pacemakers in real time. Huh? Our platform, THE platform Ohanafy’s architecture sits upon, has the “juice” (strength, capacity, bandwidth, capability, and power) to monitor life-saving devices in real-time! We intentionally chose a more expensive but very reliable, stable, safe, platform in Salesforce and we get giddy when we imagine our possibilities to help you!
  2. Our ENTIRE STAFF knows this platform inside and out, and we have respectable global enterprise reputations attesting to this.  This is important because knowing our platform means we don’t need as much “code” to run what we are running. We have chosen to reduce code to reduce technical debt. The “code” part is what gets a lot of software product companies in trouble in the long run. Custom Code requires greater amounts of testing and technical upkeep. It gets harder to innovate because you’re always “fixing stuff”.  We intentionally run with less code and that matters. 
  3. Our solution was designed by end users. Remember how we brag about our consulting experience?  We approached our product design as a consulting project and we met with actual brewery owners. What does this mean for you? Here’s just one example…85% of our fields have “help text”!  When our developers built something they handed it back to the Solution Architect who HEARD the use cases coming out of the mouths of the end users. If the Solution Architect couldn’t understand the field without help text, they added help text in a language we knew our customers could understand.   “Why do you care?” I hope you’re asking. A lot of new software products ship without ANY “help text” because it takes too long to create. In software, it is really common to go to market without it. We believe in helping you understand what you’re using and we understand your use cases intimately. 
  4. Our technology is the least of what we’re bringing you. We’re very well-trained, seasoned, sought-after consultants that are creating new processes that we know drive revenue because we’ve tested them and they work!  We know how to scale these BECAUSE we are consultants AND a technology company. The amount of functionality we are building is limited ONLY by your imagination. 
  5. Our Head of Customer Experience co-architected our product. This is INCREDIBLY rare in software development because the skillsets are so different!  No one knows the product better than the architects. That means our implementation strategies are as close to painless as we can possibly make them. We went so far as to have a co-founding member BUILD our product with implementation in mind! I can’t even express how unusual this is in software development. 
  6. We have so much planned!  That’s NOT a “forward-looking statement” —THIS IS a promise! Why? (I hope you’re asking…) because we KNOW how hard y’all are working and what you’re doing to drive economies and social causes in your communities, and we know how hard your jobs are physically and mentally, and that you don’t have the time, energy, or capacity to do it all without some technology support.

What an amazing day we had today passing our security review! My commitment to our customers is this - we will always listen to you and do everything within our power to help you succeed, and we will continue to innovate and transform the craft beverage industry while we do it.

To those of you who didn’t know that much more “good” about our story, and already signed up, thank you for believing in us!  We are glad you have joined our ohana and will earn the immeasurable trust you’ve already granted us. Be excited!  GREAT things are coming!! 

Until next time I get a wild hair to brag on my team,


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