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Produce more with Ohanafy

Streamline production operations so that you can make more products faster and with lower margins.
Ohanafy’s Production application is the ultimate tool to ensure success. Optimize production with production forecasting, batch insights, COGS measurement, recipe analytics, and more.


Recipe Analytics
Data-driven production cost and demand analysis made easy.
Production Tracking and Forecasting
Track production activities and view smart forecasting.
Batch Insights
Track batch changes and cost per batch based on historical purchases for smooth operations and quality control.
Equipment Optimization
Prevent production issues with proactive equipment maintenance.
COGS Measuring
Measure COGS in real-time and compare costs to help save you time and money.
Lot Tracking
Maintain transparency and accountability throughout all processes and supplier relationships.

Production Team

As the production team of your business, the need for real-time analytic insights, COGS reporting, and quality control is of utmost importance. With Ohanafy, your production team will have access to real-time production management and batch data at their fingertips.
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Discover the perfect synergy between Ohanafy's Production app and our Inventory solution. If you appreciate the functionality of the Production app, our Inventory solution offers seamless integration, providing real-time visibility to prevent stockouts and eliminate overstock situations proactively. With advanced tools, our Inventory solution goes beyond managing stock levels, allowing you to maintain optimal product quality, streamline processes, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

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