How to Stand Out With Smart Marketing!

How to Stand Out With Smart Marketing!

The Brewery Scene is Blowing up, How to Stand Out With Smart Marketing! 

By Sarah Powell, Branding/Marketing Specialist 

If you are reading this, you are probably in the business of strategizing ways to make your brewery successful. Venues like yours have been bringing communities together since the dawn of creation! Seriously, it's an age-old tradition! Microbreweries, tasting rooms, brewery chains, and others have taken advantage of this digital age and really pushed their business forward! The fact is, you can now communicate with the masses about your product! But how do you do something different, create a brand, and market your business effortlessly? Here are three tips for doing just that! 

Know yourself before you know anyone else! 

  1. Sit down with the team and decide two things, who are we? And what do we want our customer experience to be?

Establishing these two pillars will allow you to set the stage for how you will market your brand to your customers! Don’t skimp on this stage. It can be tempting to follow what other successful businesses do, and there is a place for that as well. However, deciding the true purpose behind your brand will allow you to stand out from other businesses. Customers no longer want to see copycat marketing or branding. With so many doing so much, customers seek uniqueness! So, decide what makes you and your brand unique, and don't forget to jot it down. Actualizing, by writing things down or typing them out, help provide clarity and organization when brainstorming about a brand. Write as many words that your team can think of that describe your business! Afterward, take a little stretch break to reset and dig through those keywords to pick a solid collection of the words you will use to establish who you are and what your customer experience should be! Having keywords saved will help you with a few things: Copywriting social media posts, goal setting, advertisement creation, menu creation, SEO, brand recognition, etc. 

     2. Make marketing a priority and establish tangible goals and leadership roles. 

Assuming you already have a fantastic product, because that comes first, it’s time to make sure marketing is a priority! It can be easy to think people will magically come to know your business! Even for established businesses, marketing as a priority can only increase awareness and determine what heights your business can grow! So how do you prioritize marketing when there are so many other aspects to running a business? 

There are a few ways to look at it, and you can outsource a marketing professional if you have the budget. The other option is handling a few things in-house if resources are limited, especially for a startup! If you are taking the approach of marketing in-house, it’s crucial to set roles. Setting roles helps everyone know what their tasks are regarding marketing. 

Taking a big task and breaking it into bite-sized pieces is a proven successful tactic. 

So what can those roles look like? Here are some ideas: Someone handles social media, another person handles Google Ads and Google reviews, someone else handles multimedia marketing materials like brochures, coupons, etc., and another person helps with keeping the website up to date. All of these areas are essential marketing efforts to master. If you can master these, your business is undoubtedly on its way to standing out! Of course, creating an entire marketing department is the goal of any business that desires to grow. So when your business feels ready, hiring someone to solely handle marketing is ideal versus parsing it out. We all start somewhere, so remember, regardless of where your business is on its journey, creating a strategy to get your brand out there is crucial! 

        3. Google reviews, Google Ads, and accurate information! 

For businesses, Google reviews are essential! Establishing a system for obtaining them and rewards for customers who give them are great ways to start generating reviews. The more 5-star reviews your business receives, the higher you will rank in the search engine! So picture this: you are new to town and want to find a brewery, restaurant, or winery. You pull up Google on your phone to find the perfect spot. You will most likely find what you are looking for within the first two pages of search results! 

You want to get your business there! It's a sure way to increase business. If customers can see your business before others, they will likely choose to try your venue before another. If you already have a lot of reviews, don’t stop there. Establish a budget for Google Ads and get some of those out there. Why? Because during the time your business is running an Ad, you will be popping up higher in the search results. Also, make sure all of your business pages are accurate. Having a correct phone number, address, operating hours, and website on all platforms. Google looks at this to establish credibility. If your business has a Yelp page with a different address or phone number than what Google has listed, this can affect your SEO or how high you appear in the Google search results. Having your business present on multiple platforms is easier than ever and free on many platforms. A problem that can arise as your business is represented on various websites is maintaining the content, reviews, and updates. It happens to anyone who has tried making a digital presence for a business! A trick to managing this is keeping a marketing playbook! This can be as simple as a spreadsheet listing what platforms contain your business information, passwords, etc. To make it even easier, try including a hyperlink in the spreadsheet to those locations for easy access to your platforms when you need to update information. 

There are many other ways to ensure your business stands apart from others. If you are here as a customer of Ohanafy you are on the right track. It speaks volumes to your effort and intent to take your business to the next level! 

If you are looking for additional marketing support, use the email to book a marketing consultation call with me! We can work together to set actionable goals and strategize how to create a unique brand and market that unique brand to your ideal customer!

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