From Spreadsheet Chaos to Brewery Efficiency: The Ohanafy Success Story at Mythic Brewing

From Spreadsheet Chaos to Brewery Efficiency: The Ohanafy Success Story at Mythic Brewing

Mythic Brewing is a craft brewery in North Carolina with three locations and an outdated system tracking day-to-day business operations. Spreadsheets and notebooks were not cutting it, for Co-Owner Chazz Oesch and his team quickly felt the growing pains as they began expanding. 

Problem: As demand increased, Chazz and his team found themselves needing a way to efficiently keep track of inventory, production schedules, distribution and much more. 

The Realization: That spreadsheets and notebooks weren’t cutting it and needed a brewery management software to streamline their operations and drive growth.

The Solution: In this success story, we will discuss why Mythic Brewing chose Ohanafy and how it has been a game changer for their business.  

A Peer-to-Peer Introduction

“I really trust Inez (Owner of Tarboro Brewing Company), and she said, “Hey, look, you guys need to talk to them. It will help your company tremendously,’ and she was not wrong.” Chazz said moving forward with Ohanafy

When you think of craft breweries, what word best describes them? Community.

Whether you are a brewer or a taproom visitor, the community is a pillar of the industry. Co-owner of Mythic Brewing, Chazz Oesch, is no stranger to this fact as he has ties deep within the industry like his good friend Inez Ribustello at Tarboro Brewing Company. One day, Inez called Chazz to tell him about an innovative brewery management software that he should jump on. After his conversation with Inez, he researched and was eager to learn more about Ohanafy. He set up a meeting with the Ohanafy team to demo the software and was blown away by the capabilities and decided to take the leap.

Why change from Spreadsheets?

“Before we worked with Ohanafy, our organization was notepads and spreadsheets and controlled chaos, with an emphasis on chaos. So it’s just a no-brainer that we needed more organization, especially as our revenue increased and our taprooms increased in sales, and it got out of hand. I was going through so many notebooks, and it’s not a very good system.” said Chazz.

Targeting & Tracking

 “Ohanafy has really helped us target specific customers at specific times, being able to track what beer goes where, it helps save time instead of wasting our time on certain accounts, it helps us target what’s working and figure out what’s not versus just kind of a guessing game” said Chazz. 

Ohanafy is a one-stop shop for your entire business process. From managing inventory and recipes to scheduling production and sales orders, it’s all in one place. Leveraging Ohanafy increases efficiency and saves time, plus it reduces errors in the brewing process. 

What is the most significant impact Ohanafy had on the business?

 “The biggest impact for us with Ohanafy has to be the sales aspect of it. That’s the biggest part of our company that we needed organization in, and we’ve really seen a boost in revenue just based on organization alone. We don’t miss any accounts. We don’t miss any deliveries. Nothing falls in the cracks.”

Reports, Reports, Reports

“Running inventory through Ohanafy has been a complete game changer, whether it’s keeping track of physically what we have on hand or if it’s helping with the TTB reporting or excise tax, having everything right in front of your face, easily accessible has been a game changer.”

Ohanafy has real-time analytics and reporting tools to help Mythic Brewing make informed business decisions. They can see up-to-date sales data, forecasting, production metrics, and financial reports, which makes it easier to identify areas that could use improvement.

Chazz and his team are now consistently updated on everything, from where the kegs are going to where they are currently. Now the team always catches up with their wholesale customers and can take their distribution to the next level.

Easy Peasy

Ohanafy has made the transition to brewery management software seamless. Chazz initially wasn’t sure how he would take to the platform. 

“I’ve never been good with computers or organization. The last time I used any kind of Excel spreadsheet, it was Windows 95. I’m an ancient person when it comes to technology, so I was really worried about how I was going to figure it out, but I’ve had no issues, and if I have, the customer service team has been great to hold my hand.” 

But upon the first talks with Ohanafy, Chazz was informed that Ohanafy provided real customer support, training resources during implementation, and ongoing support to help breweries make the most of their platform. This level of support is crucial in the brewing industry, where even small mistakes can significantly impact.

Customer Support that sets you up for success

Lastly, Mythic Brewing was impressed by Ohanafy’s focus on customer support. Their team is always there to walk you through the steps.

“The customer service aspect I've been really impressed with the automatic feedback was how quickly responded to it. I don't have to wait on emails. I have personal cell phone numbers. I get text messages immediately back regardless of what the need is, how big or small, it's automatic.”

For breweries looking for a comprehensive solution to streamline their operations and improve efficiency, Ohanafy is the solution you’ve been looking for. Schedule a demo today.

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