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Mix together lifelong friendships, decades of consulting and technology experience and a deep rooted passion for helping small business owners drive success using technology; the result is Ohanafy.

Founders, Ian Padrick and Natalie Waggett, have worked together for over a decade helping large financial services companies, life sciences companies and others improve their operations using the platform. When a childhood friend approached Natalie with the challenges she faced as a brewery operator, Natalie knew she could help. In performing market research, Ian and Natalie realized quickly that the challenges of one brewery permeated throughout the industry.

The craft beverage industry is ripe for a technology solution that helps drive business growth, profitability, and efficiency. Ohanafy is the only craft beverage management software that is built on the world's #1 platform, Salesforce.

Ohanafy was purpose-built for Craft Beverage
Our values

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Customers are our #1 priority

Salesforce is core to who we are

Our core values are the five pillars of our company. Every day we strive to transform an industry and lead by example.

Meet Our Leadership

Born out of long time friendships, a passion for craft beverages and our founders' love and experience in consulting and technology. We believe the craft beverage industry benefits greatly from contributions of many and that together we can all be more successful.

Ian Padrick

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Padrick Ohanafy Chief Executive Officer

Chris Dowling

Chief Revenue Officer

Chris Dowling the Chief Revenue Officer of Ohanafy

Kirsten Kalsky

Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Keeter the Chief Customer Officer at Ohanafy

Matthew Keeter

Chief Customer Officer

Matt Keeter the Chief Customer Officer at Ohanafy

Davis Bryson

Alliances & Channels

Davis Bryson the chief marketing officer at Ohanafy
Our Ohana works as one

Meet the team transforming the industry

Our team is full of incredibly talented individuals that are determined, focused, fun, and dedicated to providing the craft beverage industry with the best solution. We love our culture and are committed to having fun along the way.

North Carolina Craft Brewers Conference Ohanafy booth
Ohanafy team at the batting cage
Chris Dowling Ohanafy Chief Revenue Officer giving a speech
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Ohanafy Team Picture
The Ohanafy leadership team
Ohanafy team at Tarboro Brewing Company with Franklin Winslow
Mackenzie Fenn at Tarboro Brewing Company
Ohanafy booth at the North Carolina Craft Brewers Conference
The Ohanafy team at Wrightsville Beach Brewery
Tarboro Brewing Company beer
Ohanafy Chief Marketing Officer Davis Bryson with Ian Padrick Ohanafy President and Chief Operating Officer
Ohanafy team having fun
The Ohanafy team taking a tour of Tarboro Brewing Company
The Ohanafy team posing for a Christmas Photo
Our motto:
"Ohana means family"

Our customers can vouch for us.

We love feedback, so don't take our word for it. Read what our customers and partners have to say from our 5-star reviews on Google, Capterra, and G2.

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