Gizmo Brew Works

Receiving key insights and data points to build measurable reports

Gizmo Brew Works now has unlimited opportunities when it comes to receiving key insights and data points to build measurable reports

Before Ohanafy, the Gizmo team was limited on how much data they could track and pull out of their system and into specific reports. They wanted to be able to track real-time data and build meaningful reports. There are endless dashboards from reporting opportunities within Ohanafy that provide oversight of what is happening within their business.

With software, there usually are limitations on how far the user can go, and because Ohanafy is built on the world's #1 platform Salesforce, there are many ways to drive success. 

A platform with apps that speak to and pull from each other allows supply and demand to be aligned. Specializing in sales, inventory, and production, the Gizmo team has built custom reports specific to their needs and exported them into dashboards.

A complete overview of what is happening inside their production app has been vital for Gizmo, as they plan to increase their annual production rate to sell more beer! They can now view their yields and margins and use that information for future forecasts when batch planning.

The Challenges

  • #1- No way of tracking which beers brought in the most revenue

Gizmo Brew Works needed a way of tracking which beers were generating the most revenue. This lack of information made it difficult for the company to make informed inventory management and product development decisions. With this data, they could know which beers were the most popular, which ones needed to be phased out, and which ones needed to be raised in price. Due to this problem, Gizmo Brew Works experienced overstocking and under stocking , resulting in lost revenue. 

  • #2- No way to analyze their production process 

Gizmo Brew Works needed to analyze its production process efficiently, making it difficult to accurately understand its costs, margins, and yield by different product factors. The lack of this information put the brewery at a disadvantage, as they needed to calculate pricing, cost management, and resource allocation. Without efficiently and accurately tracking its costs and margins, Gizmo Brew Works was putting themselves at risk for financial losses.

  • #3- Experienced a slow business process

The brewery needed a faster business process, limiting its ability to operate at its full potential. This reduced their efficiency, productivity, and longer lead times for deliveries and order processing. With this, there was also a higher risk of waste and errors. Experiencing a slow business process hurt the company's bottom line, making it more challenging to achieve its financial goals and grow the business. 

The Solutions

  • #1- Now has easy-to-view insights regarding which beers bring in the most revenue

Ohanafy has given a way of tracking which beers are bringing in the most revenue for Gizmo Brew Works. The brewery can now make data-driven decisions about inventory management and product development. Gizmo can now accurately track the most popular beers and adjust their production and pricing accordingly. 

  • #2- Can easily view the company's costs, margins, and more by various product factors

Gizmo Brew Works can now accurately analyze its business' costs, margins, and product factors. This has given the company valuable insights into its production process, enabling them to make informed decisions about pricing, cost management, and resource allocation. Ohanafy's comprehensive production dashboards have helped Gizmo identify areas of inefficiency, allowing them to make improvements. 

  • #3- Now has a speedy and innovative team behind their business process

Ohanafy has allowed Gizmo Brew Works to operate much faster, as the Ohanafy team values speed and innovation. This has resulted in shorter lead times for deliveries and order processing, which helps to improve their competitive advantage. The faster pace of its business operations has also allowed the company to respond quickly to changing market conditions. 


"With Ohanafy, I am now able to look across my entire production process and understand all of our costs, margins, and yield by different product lines and packaging. For the first time, I can now easily see which beers we make the most money with and which we should discuss raising prices on. Plus, I love how fast this team moves!" Bryan Williams, Gizmo Brew Works

The Result

The team at Gizmo has a dream to move their business further with real-time data and insights they needed access to before Ohanafy. From being unable to report on the data, they wanted to not being able to analyze their beers' success accurately. Gizmo knew where they wanted to go, and Ohanafy was there to help. 

The brewery's implementation of Ohanafy has proven to give them unlimited possibilities on where they can take their business processes. Gizmo has reviewed its production process in one platform, allowing for a better understanding of the information and analyzing which beers are making the most revenue while moving faster. These positive changes will lead to further success in the rapidly evolving craft beverage industry. Gizmo Brew Works is a testament to the significant benefits of implementing the innovative technology solution for the craft beverage industry, Ohanafy.

See how Ohanafy changes the game and discover how to generate more revenue while decreasing costs, and reaching new levels of efficiency.

About Gizmo Brew Works:

At its inception, Gizmo Brew Works inherited a 2 barrel brewhouse, making it one of the smallest production breweries in North Carolina. Strong and feisty for its size, Gizmo surged forth into the competitive beer market. As Gizmo's reputation grows, so does its size. In 2015 new infrastructure boosted its growth with larger tanks and a new 7 bbl brewhouse. In 2019 the brewery set forth on an expansion to quadruple their brewing capacity as well as opening their first satellite taproom in Chapel Hill. In addition to small-batch taproom only releases, thirsty individuals can find Gizmo's beer in some of the finest retail shops and restaurants/bars throughout North Carolina.






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