End-to-end craft beverage management

Ohanafy is the only end-to-end craft beverage management software that partners with craft beverage businesses to drive success.

Production ease

Hands down, the best analytics in the business

Ohanafy's real-time production management measures COGS and compares costs so that you save time and money.

Ohanafy Production Dashboard
batch insights

Accurate, real-time batch data at your fingertips

360° understanding of cost per batch based on historical purchases and ensure you have the raw materials available to do what you do best.

Ohanafy Batch Insights

As a brewery operator, I’ve been impressed to see how genuine the Ohanafy team has been in receiving our feedback. Our industry can be a bit old fashioned and slow to change so it’s been great to be hands-on in developing a technology that will aid us in being successful.”

Jud Watkins

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recipe analytics

Cut through the noise, focus on what matters most

Easily understand the cost associated with the products that you produce and generate a demand that is completely data-driven.

Ohanafy Recipe Analytics

Production that keeps you moving forward

Leveraging a platform that allows you to produce more at a lower cost is a game changer. Ohanafy makes that a reality.

Production Tracking

Track production activities and view quality control in one view

COGS Measuring

Measure COGS in real-time and compare costs to help save you time and money


Market and sell products based on real-time inventory and alerts that help forecast demand

equipment optimization

Eliminate equipment issues before they happen (seriously, do it)

Optimize your production operations with equipment maintenance and service before any trouble happens.

Ohanafy Event Optimization
Production forecasting

Make informed decisions that drive your bottom line

Historical data guides the influence of future decisions. Ohanafy's production forecasting gives you smart, real-time data.

Ohanafy Batch Scheduling
Quality control

Lose those messy clipboards

Maintain your quality control evaluations with each batch so that over time you can see how changes impact your outcomes.

Ohanafy Quality Control dashboard to better understand production
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