Waterline Brewing

Finally have the usability and customer support they've been looking for

Waterline Brewing now has a software solution that makes their day more efficient.

The Challenges

#1 No customer support

Waterline Brewing needed a stronger customer support system that was integrated into its operations before switching to Ohanafy. The lack of customer support resulted in significant setbacks in utilizing their previous software system, as they needed to address any concerns or issues. 

#2 No training process 

Waterline Brewing needed a training process, negatively impacting its efficiency. The brewery was given limited training on how to use the software, leading to a lack of understanding and confusion when using it. As a result, Waterline Brewing needed help utilizing the software, which slowed down their work processes. This made the team feel it needed more from their investment. Additionally, having no training made it difficult for the brewery to implement new features or updates to their software system. 

#3 Not user-friendly 

The previous software system that Waterline Brewing used could have been more user-friendly, significantly impacting their operations. Difficulty navigating made it challenging for employees to use it effectively. This led to confusion and needing to know where to find specific fields. The software is also missing essential features that would have streamlined their operations. 

The Solutions

#1 A direct line of contact to an Ohanafy team member

With Ohanafy, Waterline Brewing now has a dedicated Customer Success Manager who they can contact with any questions or concerns. Ohanafy has integrated customer support into their operations, allowing for more productivity as issues no longer remain unsolved and no time is wasted waiting for answers. 

#2 A team that teaches how to use the platform properly

With the implementation of Ohanafy and our training process, Waterline Brewing can now use their software solution and utilize it to its full potential. Ohanafy’s Implementation Team and Customer Success Manager dedicated their time to ensuring everyone feels comfortable and confident using our product. 

#3 A solution that gives you hours back

The brewery now has a user-friendly software solution that has made it easy for employees to use and navigate. Ohanafy’s additional features also helped Waterline Brewing to make better business decisions and provide more valuable data. They found that their previous provider made their jobs harder, but Ohanafy has made their jobs much more accessible. 

The Result

The switch to Ohanafy has positively impacted Waterline Brewing’s operations. Ohanafy’s user-friendly interface and training process have made it easy for the brewery employees to use the software efficiently, increasing their productivity and making their jobs easier. Additionally, integrating the customer support team has helped Waterline Brewing have their questions answered promptly.

About Waterline Brewing:

Waterline Brewing Co. operates in a rehabilitated section of the old Jacobi Hardware warehouse. The wonderful old structure of the building has a great history and they have worked hard to preserve the look and feel of the original structure while updating some of the infrastructure to modern needs. Waterline Brewing offers tours where their staff will outline not only the brewing process but the history and details of their brewery. 







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