Ghostface Brewing

Dedicated customer success is guiding growth and strategy

Ghostface Brewing now has a customer success manager dedicated to guiding success and implementing revenue growth strategies. 

Before switching to Ohanafy, Ghostface Brewing needed help to see what they wanted to see in a software. Like many of our customers, the brewing process was complicated due to their reliance on unconnected software packages and spreadsheets. They often found themselves lost in a morass of mixed-up, misplaced, and unorganized data. Leveraging antiquated software that lacked a responsive customer support team, the Ghostface Brewing team had questions they would wait days or even weeks to get answered. They were beginning to lose all hope in technology and software as a service.

Then came Ohanafy! Ghostface Brewing went into the initial meeting with our team not knowing what to expect but keeping an open mind about what was to come. After seeing how Ohanafy will supercharge its sales process, they loved what they saw. The flexibility to create and manage dashboards that helped make their business more productive was a huge plus. 

After seeing a product demonstration, the Ohanafy team explained how the support would not go away once they were live on the solution. If anything, it would increase and get more in-depth. They would now have a customer success manager who would check in on them, and they could reach out with any questions at any time. The Ghostface team was so used to being ignored and not seeing the value that they had nearly lost all hope in software. When you join Ohanafy, you become a part of our family, and Ghostface Brewing is a vital part of our Ohana.

The Challenges

  • #1- Had no way to report on what they wanted to see
  • #2- Wanted to know where kegs were to be able to forecast 
  • #3- Lack of customer support and responsiveness

The Solutions

#1. Insights to generate reports on that drive value. 

Sure, every software has generic reports where users can measure certain aspects of data. At Ghostface, they are focused solely on growing their business, seeing where they can close gaps to sell more beer, all while maintaining their brand. Now that they are utilizing Ohanafy, they have much more data and insights and know how to build their reports! They have a dedicated customer support team member and with the benefits of Salesforce, Ghostface Brewing can create reports that help drive the most value for them. 

#2. Can now see where his kegs are in an easy-to-view dashboard

One of the many problems Ghostface faced was that they did not have a firm understanding of where their kegs were located. Of course, they had their local restaurants, but they needed a centralized place to track where their beer was going. Now with Ohanafy, they have specific reports and dashboards customized to track where their kegs are going through, even through third-party distributors. Say goodbye to the days of not knowing where your kegs are!

#3. Has a dedicated customer success manager who meets with the team on a regular basis

Having support was the primary concern that Ghostface had when looking for a new technology provider. When they had an idea of how to make something more efficient, or an idea on how to track something important to their business, they wanted to be listened to and not ignored. Since switching to Ohanafy, Ghostface has had an entire implementation team dedicated to properly moving their data into Ohanafy. A training and enablement team and a dedicated customer success manager will be with them throughout the lifecycle. Their customer success manager meets with them regularly, and they even have a cell phone number to contact! 

It's the personal touch that Ohanafy provides to Ghostface Brewing. The days of support tickets taking days or even weeks are long gone. 


I can't express how much I love the team at Ohanafy. The passion and love they have for what they do is apparent in every single interaction. Every one of them has a smile from ear to ear and is so eager to listen and help us in any way possible. When most companies take a back seat once they get your business, Ohanafy strives to find out what can make our business run better. Suzy Cuddy, Co-Owner

Key Learnings

A business solution that dedicates the time to help both parties succeed is critical. The partnership mentality that Ohanafy brings to each customer gives the craft beverage industry peace of mind. Ghostface Brewing thought there was no solution on the market that provided a world-class solution and a customer success team to help them use it successfully. 

About Ghostface Brewing:

Ghostface Brewing features up to 20 unique and tasty beers along with mead and ciders at any time. Their beers represent the styles they love and are created using traditional brewing processes. Ghostface Brewing rotates their beers regularly, but will always have a core selection available daily. They value always trying to have something malty, hoppy, dark, and light on tap at all times – so that whatever the preferred style is of their customers, they have something for them to enjoy. 






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