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Ohanafy’s CEO, Ian Padrick, Shares Vision on Distillery Nation Podcast

Aug 02, 2023

Our CEO, Ian Padrick, recently had the privilege of joining Ilias Mastrogiannis, host of the Distillery Nation Podcast, for a captivating conversation shedding light on Ohanafy’s journey and commitment to revolutionizing the craft beverage industry. In the episode, Padrick and Mastrogiannis dive deep into the story behind Ohanafy’s inception and how it has evolved into a driving force in the craft beverage landscape. They explore why Ohanafy chose Salesforce as a platform and partner and discuss how Ohanafy does things differently. If you missed the podcast, fear not! We’ve prepared a brief summary of the podcast, though we highly recommend listening to the full episode; it’s a conversation you won’t want to miss!

Stand-outs from the conversation:

  • Ohanafy uses competitive pricing that scales with your business.
  • Ohanafy is one solution and one payment.
  • Salesforce helps Ohanafy build flexible solutions.
  • TTB Compliance is easy and automatic with Ohanafy.
  • Embracing technology will reap high benefits for businesses.

Competitive Pricing

At Ohanafy, our customers are our top priority. That’s why we’ve created a scalable pricing model for one platform that grows with you. Ian Padrick explained, “The key is you're not buying Salesforce and then buying Ohanafy, you come to us, and we supply everything. It's one solution built on their (Salesforce) platform, and we get competitive pricing in the market.” With Ohanafy, you don’t have to worry about paying licensing fees for the platform and paying additional consulting fees, or paying for new features. We release new features monthly that are driven by customer requests, so as your business grows and you need more, we have your back.

One Solution

Many solutions out there require you to purchase a license, a consulting package, and additional add-ons to achieve the solution you are looking for. With Ohanafy, “one of our advantages as a system, and this goes back to the platform that we chose, is we have a lot of flexibility and configurability in terms of how we set up the system,” said Padrick. “As we take customers through, we help them understand every button, every screen, every field, every tab, it's all highly configurable and customizable based on what you'd like.”

Automatic TTB Compliance

In this episode, the host of the Distillery Nation Podcast, Ilias Mastrogiannis, shared the struggles of TTB compliance for distilleries and opened the floor for Ian Padrick to chat about how Ohanafy solves these issues. Ian highlighted that we offer a standardized solution that’s “developed in-house. Whether you're talking about your production reports, storage reports, or process reports, we generate the forms; we do all the calculations based on everything going into the system.” Ohanafy offers an automated solution that helps you ensure you are TTB-compliant and on time.

Embracing Technology

In a world where AI and technology is everywhere, Ian hopes that “companies will embrace technology and try to leverage the things that we’re really good at, like shining a spotlight on all the different aspects of production, inventory, and sales. All the data that, if surfaced correctly and in a way that can be absorbed quickly, can help aid in better decision-making that hopefully reaps better benefits for the business as a whole.” 

Don’t miss the full discussion, listen now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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