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Embracing Change: Leveraging Technology for Smarter Business

Aug 29, 2023

For industries like craft beverage, it's common to encounter businesses that claim they don't need software to manage their business, sales, and other critical aspects until some distant future date. The prevailing notion seems that they'll consider implementing such solutions "when they get bigger." But the challenge for any brewery or distillery owner is that there is never enough time in the day. When they aren’t putting out fires or making beer, a hundred other tasks fill the week. So the problem is two-fold: not thinking you are big enough to get the value and not having the time to explore whether you might already be at a point to start getting the value of a software solution. 

While adopting new software can seem daunting, viewing it as an investment rather than an expense is essential for today’s challenging economic times. In the face of increased competition and a rapidly expanding market, breweries and distilleries must seize the opportunity to innovate. The investment in innovation, software, equipment, training, etc. that helps business grow or maintain in the years to come as the once seemingly safe approach of “if it’s not broke - don’t fix it” no longer holds value. Talk to any brewery that has been around for 10+ years, and they will bring up innovation as to why they are still here today. Without innovation, you run the risk of making your passion unsustainable and potentially hindering the business from reaching it’s full potential. 

However, every successful small business must seek experts who can provide valuable insights and answer tough questions. Experts can bring a wealth of knowledge and innovative solutions tailored to the industry, allowing breweries and distilleries to make well-informed decisions. But what if the craft beverage industry could leverage innovative technology as an in-house expert?

Ohanafy is a great example of innovation in the craft beverage space. 

Ohanafy is the leading provider of business management software for craft beverage producers. Founded in Wilmington, NC, Ohanafy’s innovative approach to business management software has quickly earned them a remarkable reputation within the craft beverage space. By seamlessly integrating their end-to-end solutions with Salesforce, they have elevated the industry standard and set a new benchmark for efficiency and effectiveness. Ohanafy empowers craft beverage producers to manage their operations, inventory, sales, customer relationships, accounting, employees, and marketing in one unified platform. With Ohanafy, gone are the days of juggling multiple systems and tedious manual processes without adequate customer support.

By acting as an in-house expert, Ohanafy provides valuable analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to identify areas for improvement, optimize their supply chain, forecast demand, and strategically plan for future growth. Ohanafy’s user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support ensure a smooth transition and allow businesses to save valuable time and resources. Rather than spending time on tedious manual tasks and not knowing where to make the next change, breweries and distilleries can rely on Ohanafy and its innovative technology to help them streamline operations, increase efficiency, and ultimately work towards a prosperous future.

The craft beverage industry must overcome the common misconception that software solutions are only necessary for larger businesses in the distant future. The reality is that brewery and distillery teams face countless demands on their time, making it essential to find efficient ways to manage their operations. In the rapidly expanding craft beverage industry, seeking expert guidance and leveraging innovative technology like Ohanafy can be transformative for breweries and distilleries of all sizes. 

To thrive in challenging times and outpace the competition, investing in and embracing innovative technology like Ohanafy can help you work efficiently and save time/money. Don’t wait until next year or until you get bigger - start leveraging innovative technology today and unlock the full potential of your business for years to come.

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