You wanna build what?

Ohanafy (loosely translated: “to create family”) was born as a passion project but quickly morphed into a passion product.

You wanna build what?

Walking into the office of Ian Padrick and his team of well-tenured consultants, who were poised to eventually become the first members of our team, is a moment I will never forget.  I knew that I saw a gap in an industry, a childhood friend in need, and an opportunity to work with one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, my great friend Ian.

Let me start at the beginning… I’ve known brewery operator and author Inez Ribustello since we were 12 years old. Growing up in a small town in rural NC, everyone knows everyone. I hadn’t seen her in nearly 30 years but when she invited me to dinner after a series of Facebook messages about her new book, I was thrilled to meet with her face to face.

We drank a bottle of wine (expertly chosen by Inez) and laughed remembering the good old days of high school. The conversation eventually turned to careers, past and present, and I was proud to tell her what I’d been doing the past few decades: Banking, Consulting, Product Development, Product Marketing, and Sales Process Design, all with a focus on efficiency and driving revenue. Working with tech start-up, nCino, for nearly eight years had given me invaluable perspective and challenged me professionally in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Hearing from Inez, a published author, master wine taster, and restaurant consultant, the challenges she was facing, keeping the brewery in our hometown that had become the “hub” of social gathering, afloat, I was puzzled and sad. That night I drove  home and started researching available resources. Was there anything I could do to help her overcome her obstacles? There had to be something. It didn’t feel right that someone with Inez’s expertise, working incredibly hard could sometimes feel lost in an industry that she knew so so well.

At 10:00AM the day after my dinner with Inez, I sat in Ian’s office and painted him a picture of what I’d learned. 

  • Opening a brewery is expensive and riddled with challenges from inception. 
  • Brewery operators, often backed by private investors (like friends and family), need ways to appropriately communicate with their investors about growth, strengths, and weaknesses without scaring them. 
  • Breweries need to cater to wholesale customers and promote their own brands (even if they use a distributor) to truly be effective.
  • Supply (what a brewery produces) and Demand (what a brewery sells) must be managed in the same technology platform for optimum brewery performance
  • Organizing deliveries (beyond lifting heavy kegs) is difficult
  • Brewery owners and employees are committed and passionate about what they do and deserve to have technology to support their efforts

By noon, Ian, a consummate entrepreneur who got his technology start at the ripe age of 13 by helping his father develop a homegrown system to manage the family’s auto parts business, had his head wrapped around the industry challenges I’d shared. Not many days after, “Ohanafy, the Craft Beverage Operating System” was born!

Operating a brewery is HARD work. The amount of physical and mental effort it takes to deliver high quality beer should never be underestimated. I learned a ton in my first volunteering trip at Tarboro Brewing Company. Going on sales calls, delivering beer, stocking customer coolers, helping with tax reporting, meeting more brewery owners, canning, packaging, and inventorying beer, and sweating… a LOT! After returning home, sore and exhausted, I reflected on the people I’d met in this industry and their reasons for being here. The most commonalities include passion for their end product, heart, and a sincere desire to be a light of hope in the communities in which they operate. This is a business model that I will ALWAYS support.

Ohanafy (loosely translated: “to create family”) was born as a passion project but quickly morphed into a passion product. Our team is on fire about helping craft beverage entrepreneurs get access to the technology they need to be successful. We are relentless in our pursuits to be the BEST craft beverage operating system of choice for breweries! 

We are bringing to market our first version in September of 2022 packed full of the functionality to support real-life use cases that we have learned about over the past couple of months as we shadowed our friends in the craft beverage industry.

If you’re in the industry please follow us and let’s talk! It may be the most impactful conversation you have in regards to growing your brewery. If you’re in other areas of craft beverage manufacturing, fret not! We are heading your way soon.

We are grateful for the opportunity to impact an industry so wholly and transform our partner customers into the lean, mean, beer making (and selling) machines they are eager to be! 

Stay tuned! This is the beginning of something really really special!

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