Walkthroughs to drive success

We are devoted to bringing a smooth, scalable transition to each of our customers, and you're about to find out how that's possible.

Walkthroughs to drive success

There is a stigma around adopting new software. You often hear, "it's a process," or there are always some "unforeseen challenges." The unforeseen challenges typically come after the software implementation is complete and the user starts to use the software on their own. Here at Ohanafy, we are devoted to bringing a smooth, scalable transition to each of our customers, and you're about to find out how that's possible.

When we built Ohanafy on Salesforce, there were already a long list of perks—leveraging the same operating system as companies like Coca-Cola and Toyota, an extremely long list of add-on features, and the icing on the cake, an endorsement from the beloved Matthew McConaughey. In all seriousness, Salesforce provides an experience to end-users like nothing else on the market, so why not create a system for the craft beverage industry so they can have the same world-class experience?

Many razzle-dazzle features give Salesforce an edge over other CRM systems, but one feature we maximize at Ohanafy is the In-App Guidance feature.

In-App Guidance or what we call "walkthroughs," are tips to help lead users through the Ohanafy platform.

Every app on the Ohanafy (Sales, Inventory, Production, Marketing, Employee Management) all have guided walkthroughs for nearly every use case. Each walkthrough contains specific language relevant to the application they are in. After implementation is complete and the user has gone through training with their project team, they will have walkthroughs to help guide them through the product. Along with their dedicated customer success manager, of course.

Walkthroughs provide clarity and are created with terminology that resonates with almost anyone, regardless of how familiar you are with the software. Walkthrough notifications can be turned on and off when needed and provide insights with the click of a button.

As we grow our company and culture, we want to deplete the stereotype that the partnership is complete once the Docusign is executed. This is not the case at Ohanafy, as we partner with the customer through the entire lifecycle. We want to ensure every customer has a seamless and high-quality experience, especially after they go live.

Being built on Salesforce means we provide valuable features and ongoing guidance for our customers in a straightforward fashion. Having a long-lasting relationship and partnership with each of our customers while obtaining reliability and compassion for each customer as they navigate their business through Ohanafy is essential.

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