The Ohanafy Difference

Our product is going to change the craft beverage industry for the better, and we pledge to be there every step of the way

December 23, 2022
The Ohanafy Difference

When outlining and solidifying a game plan for Ohanafy, there were a few priorities that rose to the top. We knew early on that focusing our product on helping our customers produce their best products at the lowest cost, sell their products at the highest margins, and maintain and nurture the relationships that matter most. In return, this would drive the best success in an industry of entrepreneurs who were passionate about their craft. We also knew that thoughtful consulting and guidance would enhance our customers’ experiences and ensure their success.

We know all of the initiatives that we wanted to automate for breweries to make their lives easier, but we also knew that we wanted to be different and create a long lasting relationship with these brewery owners. This meant that we could not model our business after any other company, but make our own goals in what we wanted to achieve. Our thoughtful business consulting will be coming from an industry specific point of view that will work towards your advantage in growing your business through decisive metrics, key performance indicators (KPI’s), benchmarks, and specific reporting. These assets will not only work positively to grow your success but also work to give you key insight into things that you may not have been aware of beforehand. 

Getting investors and banks to believe in your organization and to want to give you access to capital is a known challenge that any small business faces. At Ohanafy we have experienced entrepreneurs and banking professionals that will arm you with the right data and benchmarks that investors and banks care about. We believe that when breweries are equipped with equitable resources and the right mindset that it gives them an edge to produce the best possible business outcomes. This means gaining exposure and getting complete access to capital. 

Ohanafy differentiates from other organizations through our dedicated customer success managers. Producing a positive customer experience is our main priority, and whenever a brewery becomes a part of our Ohana, they are assigned to a customer success manager. The CSM will thoughtfully review your business outcomes and provide guidance on how to improve your results. All of our CSMs have a proactive mindset and will work consistently to identify and facilitate goals along with the usability of the product. Having our customer success managers be there through the entire lifecycle of the product ensures that they will have the best growth and outcomes. “Exceeding expectations through every interaction” is what each of our customer success managers pledge to do in the ensurement of generating success. 

Along with being built upon the world's #1 CRM, Salesforce, our product team will continue to produce continuous innovation as we continue to identify and solve industry specific problems. Once you sign with Ohanafy, you become a part of our Ohana. Ohana means family and we treat everyone like family while having their business’s best interest at heart. Our product is going to change the craft beverage industry for the better, and we pledge to be there every step of the way.

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