The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins

I'm officially a week into my internship with Ohanafy as an Implementation Consultant! I've already experienced a ton of different aspects of a company. Throughout my first few days, I met with all team members, learned about their roles and experience, and I already began to sit in customer meetings.

With Ohanafy being a startup company, I believe it will give me a chance to expand my knowledge widely rather than grow linearly. Sharing space with all the different departments has already taught me how each operates and how everything ties together.

Sitting in on customer meetings with Matt Keeter, the head of Customer Success, was extremely exciting. This gave me a close up view of the process of how we interact with customers! I was lucky enough to be the first intern here at Ohanafy, and I think I am sort of the "guinea pig" for future interns. Everyone here has experience with being an intern at a small startup. They are doing their best to make sure they can translate it well to me and to any of the new future interns that will join our company.

To wrap up my first week, I can't speak highly enough of the environment that Ohanafy has created in such a short amount of time. All of the team members are so welcoming, friendly, and just down to earth people. They have created a space that makes you want to ask questions, learn new things, and become more than just co-workers. As someone still in college and yet to fully experience the real-world workforce, Ohanafy is making the transition ten times easier.  

As I continue my internship, I can't wait to share updates and I'm so excited for what the future has in store.

Sincerely, Tre

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