Open letter to brewery investors

Open letter to brewery investors

Craft breweries are about community. I haven’t found one yet that isn’t emotionally engaged in the communities they serve. They drive demonstrable economic impact in their communities. They offer a haven, a joyful place for families and friends (and pets) to commune. A place to gather with like minded people and learn different perspectives. The world needs more of these havens to spread love and joy!

If you’ve had the opportunity to invest in a brewery, use your power to help the brewery grow!

Here are five things you can do to help your breweries continue to grow and thrive in 2023!

  1. Accept the gift of being able to absorb the brewery’s purpose. What does your brewery stand for? Who does it support? Who does it employ? Be grateful you get to participate in this momentous and meaningful mission!
  1. Ask your brewery where they need help!  Giving your money is incredible but there are so many other things you can do as a “champion” of the brewery and their purpose. Ask them where they need introductions and help.
  1. Order your favorite beers in your favorite restaurants. If they’ve never heard of the beers, tell your brewery and arrange an introduction. This is a great way for breweries to build brand and restaurant owners appreciate the endorsement of regular customers.
  1. Give the brewery’s beer as gifts to your friends and family. When you buy a case of beer, have a plan for a couple of the six packs so that you can introduce something you love to people you love!

       5. Follow the brewery on social media. Share their posts. Help spread their mission to your social followers and encourage their activities.

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