Not your typical first day

Not your typical first day

My first day at Ohanafy was interesting, to say the least. It included a 3-hour road trip at 6:30 am, a 3-hour trade booth installation that left me with a gnarly cut on my arm, and me sleeping on our AirBnB's couch that was ideal for someone a foot shorter than me.

I think the team feared that I may immediately put in my 2-week notice, but after seeing how bought-in everyone was, I wouldn't have had it any other way!

You may be thinking, what in the heck is going on? The early morning and long car ride were all for an important reason, we were attending the NC Craft Brewers Conference. This was the company's first conference and opportunity to meet with hundreds of small business owners who were passionate about sharing their processes and collaborating with fellow brewers.

It was here that I learned firsthand how underserved the craft beverage industry has been when it comes to technology. This was huge for me because I knew our solution, built on the powerhouse of Salesforce, would significantly improve how these businesses are run.

For me, Ohanafy is all about empowering small business owners. The unique obstacles that small businesses face have been clear to me from an early age.

Both my parents ran their own businesses, and my grandfather started his business from the ground floor before scaling across the Southeast. With Ohanafy, our customers can use the best technology to navigate these obstacles and scale their businesses smartly and efficiently.

Ohanafy may be the new kid on the scene. Still, I'm confident we're about to change the game of how craft beverage businesses can operate and grow!

Photo evidence of our early morning start!

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