Mythic Brewing

Mythic uses Ohanafy to increase its wholesale revenue while having an organized user interface that connects their entire business 

Mythic Brewing aims to produce a maximum capacity of beer through all locations while also expanding into more cities throughout the state of North Carolina. Having Sales speak to Inventory and Inventory speak to Production under one platform was another goal. That goal became a reality when they became a part of the Ohana. 

As a first step to increasing their wholesale revenue, Mythic needed to self-distribute or utilize a third-party distribute beer as fast as possible and report on the beer being sold. Information such as "what was selling best," "what times of the year was it selling best," and "what could they improve on" were still unanswered. The reality is that there is a solution to answer these questions, but the Mythic team was still looking for those answers from the software they had been using. By leveraging Ohanafy, it's easier than ever to track routing and distribution tracking reports. 

With the previous software provider, there was the bare minimum of customer support and little to no focus on supporting the Mythic Brewing team. Being able to have orders and invoices in one spot and being able to report on the beer that sold was now possible through Ohanafy. Upon creating reports comes a setting allowing the user to view the report in a clear dashboard. 

Ohanafy gives them the resources to connect their applications, such as Sales, Inventory, and Production. The usability of Ohanafy and having the option to report on what is necessary has given them endless opportunities on where they can take their business.

Before Ohanafy, the Challenges

#1. Distribution and tracking issues

#2. Wanted an easy user interface to leverage day and day out

#3. Lack of responsiveness and guidance from previous software

Leveraging Ohanafy, the Solutions

#1. Specific routing and distribution reports

Ohanafy has embedded, user-friendly reports that track key insights from each piece of data the user inputs into the system. There are specific reports related to each route the delivery driver takes, including what is sold to what restaurant, how much is being sold, how often beer is being delivered to the said spot, and so much more. There are also embedded reports related to distributors that specifically focus on what distributors are selling the most, how often they are selling it, and where those placements are going. 

#2. Ohanafy’s easy-to-view user layout through Salesforce 

Ohanafy built on Salesforce, the world's #1 platform. Ohanafy's goal was to bring the same technology and usability that Fortune 500 companies have to Main Street, USA! Small businesses deserve to have the same resources that corporate America has, and now with Ohanafy, the craft beverage industry can have it!

#3. Ohanafy's Sales App

With an entire Sales application dedicated to tracking benchmarks and growing their business, Mythic can now track their delivery routes while having full access to their orders and invoices. Sales representatives now have a printable pick sheet, so they know what to grab from their coolers and can even track how much weight their delivery vans can endure. Such insights make their jobs more manageable, and they can adequately forecast future sales.


"The Ohanafy team has taken the time to understand our needs and wants when it comes to software and our business. The entire team has been awesome to work with and I'm glad to be in business with them." - Will Shiplett; Sales at Mythic Brewing.

Key Learnings

The ability to leverage a solution that connects supply and demand in the same system helps you make smarter and faster business decisions. There are many options to choose from, and it can be completely overwhelming. Ohanafy is built on the world's #1 platform and provides a clean and extremely powerful tool for craft beverage businesses. Mythic Brewing is now running a more innovative and efficient business, and the sky is the limit!

About Mythic Brewing:

When Mythic Brewing opened their first location, they had one specific goal in mind, and that was to make delicious beer. Over the years Mythic Brewing has continued to strive to make their mark on the craft beer scene in North Carolina as well as distribution in Virginia. With three locations throughout North Carolina, they are growing fast and do not plan on stopping! They combine new trends with old classics to provide a great experience for all. Mythic Brewing's mission is to have a beer for everyone. Whether their customers are hop heads, sour fans, stout drinkers, or lager lovers, their beer will always leave their customers feeling 'like a legend.' 






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