Lasting Joy Brewery

Lasting Joy Brewery

Lasting Joy Brewery

Lasting Joy Brewery overcoming challenges with Ohanafy.

The Challenges

Before leveraging Ohanafy, the brewery's supply and demand were separate, leading to frequent issues. When a question or bug arose, customer support was lacking, with tickets not getting a response for days or weeks. 

The Solutions

With all of these frustrations starting to mount, they knew there had to be a better way. In came Ohanafy. Ohanafy provides Lasting Joy Brewery with the tools to overcome these challenges. With Ohanafy, the brewery could integrate their supply and demand into one system, ensuring they had accurate inventory levels at all times. Additionally, Ohanafy's world-class customer support and customer service solution helped Lasting Joy Brewery with every single question, with a prompt response. The Lasting Joy team was able to move more efficiently and each team was able to have a clear understanding of what was happening.

Key Learnings

The success that Lasting Joy Brewery experienced with Ohanafy taught them an important lesson. They learned that investing in the right technology can significantly impact a business. By choosing a solution like Ohanafy, Lasting Joy Brewery was able to streamline their operations, improve customer service, and ultimately sell more. Many craft beverage solutions try to "sell" as fast as possible without actually setting you up for success. 

At the end of the day, Ohanafy partners with their customers. It's a true partnership mentality because selecting the right technology solution should be about driving business growth and success.

Get to know Lasting Joy Brewery:

HUDSON VALLEY BORN & BREWED. Located down a winding farm road in the village of Tivoli, New York, Lasting Joy serves beers made on site with locally grown ingredients out of our glass enclosed tasting room.

With five core beers and a rotating selection of seasonal and experimental brews, Lasting Joy is a love letter to a place, a craft, and a community.

Whether you live locally or are escaping the city for a fresh air retreat, we hope you'll stop and linger at Lasting Joy.

— Alex and Emily Wenner

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