Goose and the Monkey Brew House

Goose and the Monkey Brew House

Goose and the Monkey uses Ohanafy to streamline their reports and benchmarks and now have specific insights that they use to sell more beer. 

Opening their taproom doors right before the heat of the Covid-19 pandemic, then having to close what they had worked so hard for over the past year is gut-wrenching. After persevering and fighting through the struggles of the pandemic like all small businesses were forced to do, Goose and the Monkey began to offer food and coffee, making their taproom that much more of an attraction. Starting and growing a business comes with challenges, and Ohanafy was there to help deplete those challenges. Goose and the Monkey have always used different technology and software to run their business but were not particularly ecstatic about any of the platforms they used. 

Concerned and wanting a better way to generate reports related to taxing and sales, they decided to switch from their old software to Ohanafy. Transforming their lives and their business for the better!

Now, Goose and the Monkey has all of their brewery operations under one roof! Utilizing the sales, inventory, production, marketing, and employee management apps, they now have specific insights and data points that they did not have before. Those data points have been transferred into easy-to-view reports that are there for them to view significant aspects in their business.

The Challenges

#1- Old software was not user friendly

#2- Did not have great customer support with old software

#3- Reporting was limited and they couldn’t see everything they wanted to see

The Solutions

#1 Now has an easy user interface and profiles

Ohanafy allows users to navigate through the platform effortlessly. The profiles allow customers to keep track of their preferred metrics and receive informative based on them. 

#2 A dedicated CSM to manage their relationship and to help grow their business

After implementing Ohanafy, Goose and the Monkey Brewhouse now has a designated Customer Success Manager to support them whenever they need. Our CSM’s job is to manage the relationship between the Brewhouse and Ohanafy’s product. During the implementation process, our CSM guided them through the product to ensure they were confident in using Ohanafy before officially using it. Our CSM is available at any time to answer any questions the team may have. Goose and the Monkey Brewhouse feel supported and comfortable reaching out to the Ohanafy team regarding any topic. 

#3 Now has premium access to specific reports and insights

Ohanafy combines sales, marketing, inventory, and production records into one easy-to-use platform. Goose and the Monkey Brewhouse now has access to all the precise insights they want to see. Because every customer is different, the software is customizable to fit their unique business needs. 


“I can’t express how much I love the team at Ohanafy. The passion and love they have for what they do is apparent in every single interaction. Every one of them has a smile from ear to ear and is so eager to listen and help us in any way possible. When most companies take a back seat once they get your business, Ohanafy strives to find out what can make our business run better.” Ashlee Moore, Co-Owner

The Results

With our dedicated Customer Success Manager who checks in frequently, Goose and the Monkey now has a support team that cares about their initiatives and benchmarks.

Ohanafy has given Goose and the Monkey an easy interface they can dive into daily. Goose and the Monkey are hopeful and excited to utilize an easy-to-use platform and easy-to-view dashboards that give them data-driven results. These insights have helped the Ashlee and her team make informed decisions and will continue to do so. 

Get to know Goose and the Monkey Brewhouse:

Located in the historic depot district of Lexington, NC, Goose and the Monkey Brewhouse is dedicated to bringing their patrons a unique craft experience. The Brewhouse offers a wide selection of unique, inventive craft beer brewed locally in Lexington. In addition to a diverse tap list, they also offer local wine, champagne, and a fully functional coffee bar all day. Their number one goal is to make their customer experiences the best it possibly can be. 






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